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Leaking pee

Pretty sure I leak a little pee every time LO rolls and moves.  I feel so sexy...


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Re: Leaking pee

  • Haha! I needed a little giggle today!
    I felt the same way yesterday when every time I coughed while sitting down I pee'd a little!



  • This happens to me every time I stand up from going to the bathroom! How's that for ironic!
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  • Pregnancy is glamorous, isn't it.

    I'm starting to come down with a cold, and if I start coughing and sneezing a lot, I'm going to have to worry about more than just covering my nose if you know what I mean. (I mean snissing.)

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  • You and me both, lady. I have been leaking pee so bad that I have to wear a pad. It really is awesome. 

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  • When she moves sometimes I definitely feel like something is JUST ABOUT to leak but it hasn't happened yet. Good to know I'm prbly well on my way, haha. I spent my whole 2nd tri snissing and then that finally let up, now it's going to be Lo's fault?? GAH!

    I can't figure out what it is I'm doing but usually once a day I will have the most satisfying pee, ever. I finally feel like I have completely emptied my bladder and I won't have to pee again for like 2 hours (a record these days) but then when I try to repeat it, it doesn't work. I just don't get this body of mine anymore!

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  • @sapatel1 I'm the same, but sometimes the brain doesn't engage itself fast enough!



  • ANDYLEAH said:
    @sapatel1 I'm the same, but sometimes the brain doesn't engage itself fast enough!
    I always try... it never works.  
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  • I brought this up with my OB (the leaking) and wasn't sure if it was pee or something more to be worried about. She felt his position, noted his head was butted against my bladder, and laughed at me. Then, she wished me luck and panty liners. Oh, the joys of pregnancy...
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  • I full on pee my pants when I sneeze. I'm not talking a little leakage....I mean have to change my clothes. Good thing I stay home and have an endless supply of yoga pants....usually only my toddler is there to laugh at me.
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  • Yeah, he's on my bladder and likes to headbutt it, or punch it, and everytime he does I pee a little. I have to wear pads because of it.

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  • I've been wearing a pad every day for about a month. It's worse when I'm sitting at my desk all week. I think the angle just pushes it out.
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