2nd Trimester


Okay ladies, what are you suggestions for staying up? My mom and dad always throw a huge New Years Bash. But, this year Dh has to work, so that a bummer . But if I go to their house DD will be their with all her cousins and I can have the night to sleep in the parents big comfy bed, while everyone else brings in the New Year rightDrinks. But how will i stay up until midnight?? 

Re: Midnight????

  • Mountain Dew and hot salsa....just a thought....
  • i feel your pain. i am trying to figure out the same thing! a friend that lives a couple blocks away is having a party and we said that we would go. i am just going to try and keep busy talking and socializing and hopefully it will be midnight before i know it!
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  • I have ordered a decaf peppermint mocha from starbucks and even though its decaf, I swear it keeps you going.
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