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Crib mobile - worth it?

STM +, should we put a mobile on our registry? Baby will probably sleep in our room for the first few months, and then as I understand it the mobile needs to be removed around 7-8 months because LO could pull it into the crib  ... or something like that? Did you love yours? Think it wasn't necessary? I feel like it's just one more thing that will collect dust, and at about $50/pop there are things we'd much rather have/need from our registry.


Another option I guess would be those things that hook to the end of the crib that light up, play music etc. for when LO is older but I've heard conflicting reports about those, too? Gah. Too many options!

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Re: Crib mobile - worth it?

  • Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Did the item you used stay attached pretty well?

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  • I never used one.  I read that it wasn't really worth the money for one because it's not long before LO can play with it.  Also, DS didn't sleep in his crib until he was nearly 6 months old.
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  • Decision made - no mobile! Thanks, ladies.


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  • I'm going to use one...but I refuse to pay $50-$80 for one.  So I found a cute design and bought some felt to make my own.  I should be able to make one for less than $10.  That is an idea if you liked the idea of having one.
  • We have one and love it.  We alternate between using nature sounds and classical music.  DD will even turn it on herself and use it to sooth herself back to sleep.  It puts me to sleep listening to it over the monitor as well.
  • We have a fish/aquarium that attaches to the side of the crib vs. a mobile and both of my kids have loved it.  DS still turns it on when he's ready to fall asleep :)
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  • I never used one and don't plan to this time, either.
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