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senses heightened??? ***VENT***

Hi Ladies,

I have a problem.  DH has this smell to him every once in a while that makes me gag (I think it could be a hormone smell).  I told him about it and he replied "maybe you should go live with your grandmother".  WTF!!!!  Have any of you experienced this smell thing with DH? Should I have not said anything?


Re: senses heightened??? ***VENT***

  • Not a hormone smell but man, his breath is wretched sometimes. Last night I woke up to pee and I couldn't get back into bed because the room just smelled disgusting like breath (he sleeps with his mouth open and snores).

    When he got up this morning to go to work I had him open the window to air the room out. I felt bad but I needed to try and sleep a bit more.

    I don't really know how to bring it up to him because I don't know what we can do to solve the problem. It makes me gag though.

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  • Kick his a$$ to the shower???
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  • I hate his deodorant. It makes me want to vomit.

    and he wonders why I never want to have sex...

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  • Yep - I have a very good sense of smell anyway (its darn near freaky) and it goes crazy when I am pregnant. I don't think my DH scent is unpleasant - per say - but I can definately tell where he has been. If he gets too strong (even a nice smell can be overpowering when it is too strong) I just ask him if he could shower. To be perfectly honest if I was stinky/sweaty he would ask me the same thing.

    Maybe you could word it that its not that he stinks, but that due to your enhanced pregnancy superpowers his normal natural scent seems stronger to you can could he please shower - maybe offer to shower with him Wink. I would probably approach it this way even if it did gag me. I would put it on me since it is due to the pg hormones, esp. since he reacted so negatively. If he is defensive, and it sounds like this was a hot button for him (or he was in a bad mood/tired) I would take the softer approach.


  • imageMitzie:

    I hate his deodorant. It makes me want to vomit.

    and he wonders why I never want to have sex...

    I think I would sniff one when we were in the deoderant/toothpaste aisle and tell him how sexy XXX brand smells, give him the "you're so gonna get some at home look and toss it in the cart"..... You'd have to do your homework so he doesn't wind up smelling like Grandpa's Goldbond or something.

  • Thanks Ladies,

    Maybe DH should read my post and all the replies.  Maybe he won't feel so bad and will sympathize with my pregnancy symptoms.

    Thanks for all your help.  Glad its not just me.

    Happy New Year!

  • Haha Goldbond you forgot to mention Old Spice.  Great idea NoelleHansen! Off to the department store we go. 
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