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Home made grain cereals

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I figured you ladies would probably know the answer.

I am making our baby food at home from organic produce so it really doesn't make sense to give him commercial rice/barley/oatmeal cereal.  I will make that at home too but I am a bit confused.  Super Baby Food says the baby needs to be at least 6 months old to have home made whole grain cereals but says 4 months old is OK.  I don't know whose word to take.

Are any of you making cereal at home?  If so, how old was your baby when you started giving it to him/her?


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    we started ds on brown rice cereal at 6 months. i think current belief is that it's just for "fun" texture for the first few months, and best to start later rather than earlier in case of allergic reactions... we're waiting until after our vacation (mid jan when she'll be 7 mos) to start dd on wholegrain cereal; since our son has a ton of allergies we think dd is prone to them too.
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    General recommendations are 4-6 months so the super baby foods is just being more conservative. Most people wait to see when their dc start showing interest and go from there. I planned to wait till 6 months so he was ebf'd a bit longer but at 4.5 months he was WAY interested so we started. They have directions on wholesomebabyfood on how to make it. I find the best way to grind it down to a really smooth powder for the early days is to get a cheapo coffee grinder and blast that stuff to powder. You can find them for like 15 bucks and can use them later to grind flax seed fresh or make things like barley flours.

    Once ds got the hang of eating I started chunky-ing up his food so I'd just make the grain like normal and give it a little pulse in a mini food processor (awesome to have if you're makin baby food) to make it easier for him.

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    He's already been introduced to butternut squash, sweet potatoes and now apples so he's eating.  He was ready.  I also EBFed until a couple of weeks ago and he's now on formula.  Rice is a big thing in my culture so I definitely want to give him some too.

    Thanks for the input :)

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