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We're travelling from the US to Belize later this month.  We'd love to be able to buy diapers there, but I'm afraid the same product (Pampers Cruisers, which I know they sell in Belize) will be different there.  I know some companies change their product for different countries, even if the product has the same name.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Thanks so much for your help.

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Re: diapers in other countries

  • We usually cloth diaper but use Pampers when we're traveling and the diapers here in the Philippines are different than the ones in the States. They're actually nicer IMO but I have no idea what the diapers are like in Belize! GL, I wouldn't worry about it if you aren't going to be there for too long.
  • I also wouldn't worry about it. I like the pampers here in Germany more than the ones in the states. 
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  • Same here.  I like the Pampers in Germany better than the States.  I generally don't like huggies and even those were better in the Philippines than in the States.
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  • Hey! We're traveling to Belize in December with our (will-be) 1-year old. Can you shed any light on what you packed or bought there? Could you find diapers in Belize? 
  • @mrempp We ended up packing diapers because we just didn't want to take the chance that the diapers would be different and cause a problem.  I tried contacting Pampers but never really got a straight answer.
    Also, I'm not sure if your child will be drinking milk at that point, but I figured I'd mention we ended up buying shelf-stable milk at the grocery stores down there.  It was no problem at all--my daughter seemed to like it and we had no issues with it.  
    Have fun!

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  • We are going to Ireland in late summer and just planning to bring our own diapers.  We figure that will leave a spot for extra stuff I'm sure we will have on the return trip, just a thought :)
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