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Oh and one more thing....

Re: Oh and one more thing....

  • PG test at ER came back negative....Bring on AF!!!!!
  • Woohoo!!! By the way, you probably didn't need to post this 6 times. Wink
    Pg #1: 4/02/02- 40w5d - Healthy baby girl adopted out

    Pg #2: Missed m/c ~11w - d&c 10/27/08

    Pg #3: Missed m/c ~7w - d&c 6/29/09

    Pg #4: 12/03/10- 41w - Healthy babe boy

    Pg #5: EDD 8/03/13

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    Happy New Year Melis! Congrats on the bfn (that is last time you will hear it!) 

    bfp #1 Fall 2008 ~ missed m/c 9w Baby Birthday  Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday  Ticker Ticker
  • I never thought I would be thrilled about a BFN!!
  • YAY :) I found yesterday my hcg was 0 and spotting has finally stopped today since 11/28 - bring on the real AF -

    Wanna be TTCAL buddies???

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