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Looking for some natural birth pain remedies.

I'm lost as much as I don't want to stick a man made chemical into my body. I still want a natural fix for the pain that I am doing to endure during birth. I was wondering what I can do about it.

I have been searching the web. I found a few cool products. Not sure if everybody has heard about it but one is Laboraide (just Google it). And the other is a little more common. a TENS machine.

So far these are my top options. What I would like is for people that know about each product to tell me what they think about them. OR check them out and then tell me what they think.

Thank you everybody for their help. I don't take it for granted. :)


Re: Looking for some natural birth pain remedies.

  • laboraid is great, but i'm not sure how it would help you with pain management. Perspective and coping techniques are your best bet. While pain of an injury (what a tens unit is typically used for) is bad pain (it means something is wrong with your body), pain of labor is good pain (your body is working hard and making progress). How long so you have to with with? Hypnobirthing worked great for me and i highly reccomend it. It did take time to prepare, though.
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  • CDMay2006 said:
    laboraid is great
    I'm not sure you understand which Laboraide I'm talking about. I will put a link here hopefully I won't get kicked off the site. LOL.

    The whole point of it is pain management.

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    joules235 said:
    Hypnobabies  is the best thing I can recommend. The program uses medical grade hypno-anesthesia to control pain. In my case I had a painless delivery with DD.
    I'm sorry but I'm one of those that aren't able to be hypnotized let alone hypnotize myself. but thank you for the comment.
  • Your "laboraide" product works one of the same ways as hypnobabies does; relaxing the jaw muscle to keep the pelvic muscles loose. Hypnobabies also has many other techniques for reducing tenseness which is what creates most of the unpleasant feelings of childbirth. I think your preconceived notion of what it is to be "hypnotized" is giving you the wrong idea of what it offers. It may be very useful to you.

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  • There is no specific product that worked for me while in labor. Nothing can beat counter pressure and hot water in my opinion. 
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  • Hot water of the shower, and then the tub was what got me through labor.  I wasn't pain-free, but I could manage the pain.  I probably wouldn't waste my money on something like laboraide. 
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  • Labor is labor.  When you prepare to do it naturally, you need to have a certain frame of mind and a plan for how to manage what comes up for you.  You're not going to find any natural fix that will cure your pain.  A TENS machine may help, but it's not a fix.  You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. 
    I couldn't agree more with this. Birth will be painful irregardless of whether you have Laboraide or a TENS unit. Once you get into transition and close to pushing, there's not much in terms of help. Yes, there is counter pressure, massage, accupressure, birth pools, etc however a bigger role is your MIND. Birth is a giant mind-game in my opinion. Learn positive self-talk (i.e. Hypnobirthing), and you'll do just great! 

    Just a note- I have heard of women using a TENS unit (or other things like a rolling pin, or what-not) with success. However, I guess the point I am trying to make is that the TENS unit is never (ever) going to take away ALL of the pain of labor/birth. It may take the edge off at some point, but your mind has to be prepared for a natural birth and alternative coping (i.e. focal points, support person/doula, etc). I can't emphasize this enough.
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