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Charlotte mama to be looking for a doula

Hey gals, anyone know how to find a great doula in Charlotte? I have been told again and again by friends who gave birth that doulas are the way to go. Peaceful labor, lessened labor pains, just all around positive experiences. We are only 7 weeks along, but I'd love to start figuring out the process. Thanks!

Re: Charlotte mama to be looking for a doula

  • I have a friend in that area who is a doula. I need to find her info for you.

    And, good for you! (I am also a doula, but in Winston-Salem)
  • Hey, My mom is a doula and she is fantastic, she has even worked with a total blind couple. she is in the monroe/charlotte area and knows and works at the hospitals. she also teaches child birth classes at presbyterian downtown. 
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  • I am also looking for a doula and need recs! Please pm me contact info!

    DS: Oliver 12/28/10
    DD: Alice 8/8/12

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