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Bleeding question

My bleeding goes from extreme (need to change products every 30-45 mins) and then it'll stop for a day.  Then it goes back to extreme.  Now it's nothing.  Anyone else had this before?  My spotting started Saturday and the significant bleeding started that night.

Re: Bleeding question

  • This is exactly what is happening to me. ?My spotting started Saturday but I didn't start heavy bleeding until yesterday. ?Today I'm still bleeding bright red...but not even half as heavy as yesterday. ??
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  • I seem to have had my period on/off for the past 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks could have been spotting or a 'light' flow, but it has since changed into a regular/heavy flow for the past 3 days or so.... I have NEVER had anything like this happen before and I am going to talk to a dr about it.
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