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Stop asking my daughter to give you a kiss

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Interesting article... though I don't think I've encountered a stranger asking for kisses from a little girl, maybe that's a regional thing? Do you think having a child comply with a stranger's request out of social grace teaches them to be a people pleaser? Do you think the desire to please others is a taught thing? Or is it just personality?https://www.dailylife.com.au/life-and-love/parenting-and-families/stop-asking-my-daughter-to-give-you-a-kiss-20130806-2rbp2.html

Re: Stop asking my daughter to give you a kiss

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    Okay, hopefully I fixed the huge amount of white space when I first posted this. 
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    My daughter hands out cookies at the nursing home every holiday. They usually ask for hugs and sometimes kisses. I have just stepped back and let her do what she wants. She always hugs and will sometimes turn her cheek for a kiss but usually she ignores their request for a kiss. I don't force her to kiss anyone but the way our families say goodbye is through hugs so I feel it is rude in our family t not hug. It would he like walking out the door and not saying goodbye. I have never had to force her to hug family though she loves to hug!
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    I have forced her to be held by people she does not want to go to, not strangers, but family or friends we don't see often. I dont think I would force her to hug or kiss the same people when older. It does make sense that forcing a child to comply with an innocent physical request when clearly showing discomfort with the idea takes away their power to listen to their own signals when something doesn't feel right.
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