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Best Diapers (Baby Boys)

Hey Mamas! My little man was born at 38 weeks and 1 day due to being high risk with asymmetric IUGR. He's two weeks old now and is doing really well despite what all the doctors were drilling into me! Very thankful. Anyways, my question for you ladies, especially those with baby boys, what diapers did you find that worked best? It seems like he is always finding a spot in the diaper where his urine gets through. It will soak through his clothing, bassinet sheet, my clothing if he's on me etc. I know these things happen and boys just happen to seem to find a way to find those lucky spots, haha. Instead of doing immense loads of laundry each day when I am trying to heal, are there any diapers that you have found best, or any other moms experience this? Did anything help? Also, I change him quite frequently. Thanks for the help ladies!

Re: Best Diapers (Baby Boys)

  • With Ds1 I started out with Huggies, Target up & up, and Pampers. Some brands worked best depending on the size.
    With Ds2 I preferred Huggies over Pampers for the newborn size. I especially liked the umbilical cord cut-out and color/wetness indicator.
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  • I like the Huggies pure & naturals.

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  • We use Earth's Best and love them. I think the biggest piece of advice though is to make sure you are tucking his penis down so the urine shoots into the diapers. Since doing that, he very rarely leaks.

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  • Are you putting any kind of ointment on his diapers? We had that issue while DS' circumcision was healing.
    We used pampers swaddlers, now we use cloth during the day and costco brand at night.
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  • Huggies leaked, but Pampers Swaddlers have been terrific. I agree with PPs to make sure the penis points down, ruffles are out, and you're using the right size. Once LO gets to the middle of the weight range for a particular size, which is usually the bottom of the next size up, we switch.
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  • I really like Huggies Little Snugglers, though LO did leak out of them for the first week o two until he gained a bit more weight. He was a skinny thing at birth!
  • We love pampers swaddlers. The target up & up brand was good also (just not quite as soft). Also make sure his penis is pointed down or else he can pee out of the top of the diaper. There were times in the beginning we would forget to point it down and it somehow always got his back soaked with pee.

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  • Pampers. Huggies ALWAYS leak for my little guy. 
  • Oh and publix brand work well too, and they're cheaper!
  • My DS is 8 weeks. We've used Pampers Swaddlers, Huggies Snugglers, Luvs and numerous "off" brands. No problems with any of them except when he was growing out of NB. The only thing I've noticed is Pampers is definitely the softest with Huggies close behind. Luvs are about the same as the "off" brands. Softness feels nicer, but DS doesn't seem to care either way.
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  • I've been using Pampers Swaddlers newborn size (switching to size 1 when we run out of newborn) and I really like them. For the circumcision (I saw someone wrote something about that), we were using gauze pads that we put a lot of Vaseline on and put it on him so the diaper wouldn't touch. We did that until the circumcision healed a little and now we don't need to use anything. 
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    We had the same problem. I've tried Huggies and Pampers Swaddles and have found that the Pampers work best for us. As long as I make sure the ruffles are all out and to point it down, we don't have many leaks now.
  • Luvs have been best for us. He was having poop blowouts with Huggies, Pampers, and Kirkland.
  • We found we had less issues once we moved up to size 1 diapers. Thankfully the umbilical cord fell off fairly quickly.
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  • My son was born and they put him in size 1's and I had a whole bunch of size 1's from my baby shower that I think he's going to outgrow them soon. We got the Huggies snugglers. I didn't like the pampers swaddlers cause they have a really strong perfume smell. I really like the huggies brand for Gunner. Think I'm sticking with Huggies. =)
  • My son always leaks through Pampers no matter what size we put him in, if we point it down etc.. We have found that Huggies and Luvs work best for him. Meijer brand diapers (not sure if you have a Meijer in your area) also work well in the larger sizes.
  • I love the target brand and pampers swaddlers!! We also had trouble from the beginning with Huggies both newborn and size 1.
  • ive used pampers, walmart store brand, jewels brand, targets brand and they are all very good. word of advice do not get babies r us diapers. i had just changed him and the diapers aree so bad that the stream of pee literally came out of the front crotch area just shooting like he wasnt even wearing diaper
  • hlb622 said:
    Huggies leaked, but Pampers Swaddlers have been terrific. I agree with PPs to make sure the penis points down, ruffles are out, and you're using the right size. Once LO gets to the middle of the weight range for a particular size, which is usually the bottom of the next size up, we switch.
    THIS. especially what is bolded.  Pampers baby dry is good for us when using disposables, otherwise cloth diapers are my fave.

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