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S/o pregnant husband

Have you ever had weird cravings or mixed weird foods while pregnant?

I've never craved anything weird or made DH run out in the middle of the night. Just curious.
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Re: S/o pregnant husband

  • I craved cheese- nothing to fancy.  But I also had a thing for vinegar- like I wanted to drink apple cider vinegar.  I had to restrain myself from drinking the pickle juice.

  • I occasionally had cravings for a greasy big boy burger with extra tartar sauce and mozzarella sticks or taco bell. There were numerous times I would call/text dh and have him pick some up on his way home from work at 3am.
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  • I had one craving my entire pregnancy, I wanted McDonalds fries really bad one afternoon.  Otherwise no. I never craved anything.  I never crave when I PMS, either.  I've never really had a food craving, in general.
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  • Turkey Reubens. All day everyday.
  • I craved meat, and a lot of it while PG.  Early in my PG w/ DD2, I dreamt about bacon.  I hadn't eaten pork bacon in years, but did then.

    I got sick from sweets with DD3.  I ate huge amounts of nuts and sausage to stay sane.

    DD1 my craving was apples and melons and I still gained 48 lbs!

  • Nope, I wanted fruity candy and fruit punch all the time, as opposed to my usual chocolate cravings.

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  • I never had crazy cravings.  I craved salty foods way more than normal.  Early in my pregnancy I ate a ton more fruit.  For quite a while I had an aversion to chicken and craved beef which is ass backwards for me.  
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  • Nothing weird, random or impulsive but I ate a lot of steak and veggies with ds and lots of candy with dd. the irony is I gained more weight with ds than dd. lol
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  • No cravings with either of my pregnancies.
  • I craved Total and hot tamales (the extreme). I remember waking up at 2 am and craving grape kool aid and cool ranch Doritos. I never had him make a special trip though.
  • Icees, onion rings, and burgers. Wanted one all the damn time! Also mushrooms (I dislike mushrooms!).
  • Twix bars.. Or really just chocolate and caramel... Much more of a sweet tooth with this one than DD however. No weird combinations.
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  • smoothies with DS1 and ben & jerry's cookie dough with DS2. guess who I gained more weight with...

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  • Vinegar. 

    I believe that it is Macaroni Grill that mixes oil and vinegar for the bread? Anyway, I remember  dipping the bread and getting as much as I could then sucking on it. I also had a craving for mustard, hot sauce and salsa.
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  • Gas station doughnuts. The stale chocolate ones.
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  • I eat a certain local Mexican fast food for lunch multiple times a week. Nachos with peppers {like cheap concession stand type of cheese, but they make it in house} and two extra hot beef soft taco with just meat, cheese and sour cream. 
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
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    I didn't have any weird food craving combinations, but I craved tomatoes with DD (which the nurses found weird) and I craved red meat with DS even though I didn't eat it at the time.

    I never made DH, or anyone else for that matter, run out to get anything.
  • With DS it was burritos and ice cream not together...The ice cream was the last week or two. This pregnancy, I really like cheese. I know I'm still early in the pregnancy, so I don't know if is possible to have food cravings yet. However, I'm not normally a huge cheese fan, so I'm just going to call it due to the pregnancy.
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  • With DD2 I had a strong craving for gazpacho. I ended up making my own.

    With DS all I wanted every.single.day was a salad with heart of palm, tuna and vinegar.

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  • With Ava I wanted fresh fruit all the time. The juicier, the better. I gained 18 pounds. With Mila, all I wanted were carbs, specifically, peanut butter toast. I gained 11 pounds with her. Weird. 
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  • The only thing that was weird for me is I only wanted salty, sour things when I normally have a huge sweet tooth. Like, I normally have chocolate every day, but barely touched it while I was pregnant. I actually ended up with a bunch of mini chocolate bars left over from Halloween that actually ended up going stale, which normally would never have happened!
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  • Cold cereal 1st tri and half of the 2nd the rest of the time, grilled cheese sandwiches from either Sonic or Whataburger. 
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