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Christmas stockings

If you already bought Christmas stockings, where did you get them? Bonus for links to what you got!
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Re: Christmas stockings

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  • I love the Pottery Barn stockings.  Do you all have stockings for yourselves and DH too?  I think it would be fun to have stockings for all of us and I like the stockings with cute designs like the angel, airplane, snowman, etc.  DH thinks that they are too juvenile for him though so he just wants a plain one.  Why do guys have to be so difficult about these things? 
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  • I got a new set at Target with our initials on them

    I had one for DH and I, but they don't sell them anymore (were also from Target), and I couldn't find anything that matched them so I just got all new ones when they were buy 1 get 1 half off a couple weeks ago.  I got the 3 with our initials and then one that is just red with snowflakes for our pets.  My mom always did stockings for our dogs growing up, so it is normal for me although DH thought it was weird the first year :)  Really, I just like things to be even and having 3 stockings would have bugged me.  Before DD I had one for DH, one for me, one for the cats and one for the dog.  Now the cats and dog all share one. :)  
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  • I ordered from Personal Creations, as well.  Cute cable knit ones!  They have lots of cute styles!



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