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Vent about my help

I need to vent. My parents have been here 13 days helping us. I appreciate that they came, we really needed them to take care of DD while we were having baby and dealing with NICU. However they are starting to drive me nuts. I know I should just let it roll off my back but here are a few things that piss me off:

  • They cooked a huge thanksgiving dinner for us. It was great. what is not so great as many of the pans are still unwashed in the sink. Every time i asked they said they would clean them. Finally I lost patience waiting and began cleaning this morning. Do I want to clean? no. but WTF it is gross.
  • they leave crap everywhere, clothes, books, etc. 
  • they make coffee in the keurig and dont throw any of the cups away. they are littered all over.
  • they leave razors all over the bathroom sink where DD can reach them. I have asked them to move them 3 times. 
I know my parents are messy people. I know they are trying to help. I know some help is better than no help but ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......

Thanks for letting me vent. They leave Tuesday. 

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Re: Vent about my help

  • Oh, I would be upset too! How much longer will they be around?

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  • JillSandm said:
    Oh, I would be upset too! How much longer will they be around?
    They leave Tuesday. I am glad they came just annoyed that they are not trying to be a little more clean. 

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  • I'm having the same issue with my mom. She's been here for 15 days an still 6 to go. I feel like I am always cleaning up after her too. Grr I feel your pain!
  • I would honestly sit them down and talk to them. They are supposed to be there to help not make it harder on you.

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  • Ugh, that sounds horrible. Sorry they're being so "helpful" LOL Parents are more stress than they're worth sometimes.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • Ugh... Just three more days then things will get back to normal...


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  • Uggghhh that's so frustrating! If they're there helping they can't be making more work for you, that negates the point of being there.
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  • sorry, what a bummer. :/  I'd think if someone comes to "help" they'd be ready to put extra effort into helping keep things neat/tidy, even if they're not "clean people", because that's what you need right now!  sorry it has you frustrated, I think I'd feel the same.
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