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Festive holiday cookies

The cookie party I go to every year gives out prizes for the best tasting and most festive cookies. I never win :-( There are some fantastic bakers there so I'm never going to win best tasting. I'm going to try the festive route this year. Does anyone have a favorite festive cookie? I have to bring 3 dozen so hand frosted sugar cookies are out.

Re: Festive holiday cookies

  • Do you have a cookie press? Spritz cookies are festive.
  • http://www.therecipenut.com/2011/12/andes-peppermint-crunch-cookie.html?m=1

    peppermint shortbread. festive flavor, and shortbread doesn't really spread much, so it's easy to make the cookies look uniform and pretty.

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  • Gastro, yes, please post the recipe.
  • Look up white chocolate cherry cookies. The recipe makes a beautiful red and white cookies with half of it dipped in white chocolate. Really tasty too.
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  • Peppermint Bark?

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