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Just watched the Business of Being Born

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Pretty freakin' amazing. Watched it cuddled w hubby. He on the other hand, suffered watching it.

He feels bad for women (seeing us in so much pain). But I can tell he got excited with each birth they showed.

Watch it if you can.
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Re: Just watched the Business of Being Born

  • DW and I just watched that last week--we loved it too!
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  • I think its a good starting point to gain interest in natural birth. Its the first thing I watched when I found a curiosity for NUCB. After about 3 watches, I found it quite biased towards home delivery and made hospitals and doctors out to be the bad guys. The more I have researched beyond the documentaries, the more I want a natural hospital birth. Even after I was set on a home birth after viewing this doc. Lol.
    I still love the idea of home birth and love the insight of those women who have them. But, moving forward from BOBB, and even the sequel series, I would much rather see a documentary about women who found a natural friendly experience in a hospital. Whether it be through finding a doula or just working closely with a very hands off, natural friendly doctor. BOBB is too vague in detail about such things and very pushy on the home birth is ALWAYS the birth to have subject. This is my opinion. I did love it when I first watched it and its interviews with natural birth mamas was the best part of the whole thing. It opened my eyes, which is always good in a documentary. Its worth a watch for anyone looking to dive off into learning more about natural birth.

    Agree 100%!!!

  • I love this movie.  Even had my students watch it.  Still can't get my wife to watch it though!
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  • Before I took a PT I was watching all of those types of shows... not something I typically watch. Guess it was kinda foreshadowing...
  • I loved the BOBB so much! I think that OBs are wonderful for high risk births and even some low risk birthing moms that will find comfort in a very medical opinion, but IMO they are overkill for naturally birth inclined, low-risk moms. OBs and Dr.s will always see birth as a complication/illness until proven otherwise, where as midwives see birth as a completely normal and natural occurrence until proven otherwise. Of course there are always exceptions to rules such as these, but generally speaking from what I've seen, this is the way of it.
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  • DH and I just finished watching. He finally gets it! So happy with this documentary and our plan for a NUCB at hopefully our birth center when they reopen.
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    I ordered this a few weeks ago and haven't watched it yet.  I originally ordered it to show it to my high school health class.  I wanted them to see childbirth, but I wasn't sure if it actually showed the entire process.  I found something else that did.  So I never showed this.  If someone else tells me otherwise, I'll def still show it!  I plan on watching it no matter what though, as I want a natural birth with #2 one day!

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  • I really liked this movie but agree it is very biased. I live in Alabama where a planned home birth is illegal. I will be hoping for a safe and natural delivery in a hospital setting with the help of a Doula and my lovely obgyn. 

    What DH and I both loved the most is how peaceful the birthing process seemed. I now roll my eyes at all the dramatized births on tv. In the natural birth experience, you could see the elation as the baby was put straight onto the mother's chest. Both are wide awake and instantly bonded as nature intended. My husband even said it was so beautiful to watch. 
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  • Agreed. I live in MI and after a lot of researching I found out planned homebirths here are also VERY frowned upon. Midwives don't get any dr/hospital support and it's very hard to get lab work done. If you get maternity care at a hospital and they find out you are planning a homebirth they most likely will write you a letter telling you to never come back to their hospital.

    I thought the idea was so cool and they make it sound like it's so easy and there is so much support for it, but in my area that is def not true at all.

    They really did portray hospitals to be pretty awful in the BOBB. I'm def hoping I don't end up having a c-section, but I also looked around and there are some hospitals that are more known for natural births and doulas than others in our area than others so I feel confident in my choice and my OB.
  • Great! The doc is what got my hubby on board when we were pregnant last time. This time we are planning to deliver at a birth center to avoid all the fights in the hospital. I just want to focus on birthing my baby, not all the rules of the hospital. 
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  • I enjoyed this movie as well and realized that documentaries can carry some bias.  I took much of the information to help me understand what one can expect once delivery time hits.  At the very least, it helped me to decide and learn more about a birthing plan.  I have hired a doula as well because my DH is so quiet and reserved- we needed some coach in the room to assist somehow. 

    I still appreciate the medical community and how it will serve in the delivery process but feel more informed about the possibility that some medical professionals may want to move things along on their clock.  I decided I am letting my body do the talking!  If baby needs the medical intervention she will get it though.

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  • Yes love that documentary. My husband watched it when I was about 26 weeks with our first. That next week we switched to a free standing birth center. BEST decision I've ever made. It's change our entire life not just how we birthed our baby. I'm now a doula. We found a great community of holistic minded people and even took a birth class at the center and met all my mama friends. We are still friends today 2 years later and we get to see our babies grow up together! Never would you get all that from an OB and hospital experience.
  • That's awesome that you decided to become a doula!
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 2/14/20.  Due date 10/22/20.

    Previous losses - 
    Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
    Ultrasound at 10w on 12/6/19 showed yolk sac but no fetus.  Stopped growth confirmed at second ultrasound a week later; used misoprostol to finish the miscarriage.
  • I liked the movie, but would not use it for a health class. It's more about why a person should chose a natural birth through a midwife, and not as much about the mechanics of birthing.

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  • Just watched this with DH and now he much more understands why I am so nervous/anxious about doing my VBAC in a hospital with an OB.

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