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Ever broke a nose?

DD got smacked in the nose by her cousin's forehead last night and gushed blood for about 1/2 an hour.  I gave her tylenol at that point because short of an adult dose, that's all I had.  We just got home from lunch with all the family and she was complaining that it hurts bad again.   I gave her a dose of Advil.

I would assume it's not broke because it may be a little swollen but it is not bruised or anything.


Re: Ever broke a nose?

  • I broke my nose 4 times by the time I was 3 yo. If it were me though, I'd take her to get it checked. It may be broken.
  • oh no.

    My sis broke her nose recently- she didn't think it was at first then my dad talked her in to going to the doc- he had to reset it.

    I've never broken mine- but if that had been Z I would prob make an apt with her pedi? or take her to urgent care?
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