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vaccine side effect or something else?

My daughter received some her of 2month vaccines Monday night (the doctor spreads them out) when she was 9 weeks. On Tuesday she slept a lot but seemed OK otherwise. Wednesday she seemed pretty normal, other than an orange runny poop that resulted in a poopsplosion. I figured it was because she hasn't pooped most of the day so maybe there was just extra. But then the next day, Thursday, she had another poopsplosion with orange runny poop in the afternoon. Usually her poop is yellow and seedy. Still orange today too.

I did some looking and it could be a side effect of the rotavirus vaccine she received. On Thursday some fussiness started too, especially while trying to eat. She's breastfed and was fussy and squirmy a lot, especially in the evening. It had me worried that maybe my supply is getting low even though she has enough wet diapers. Usually she happily takes one side per feeding but she has been needing both and still fussing and fidgeting. This continued this morning too. I also noticed my breasts not feeling as full, especially in the morning. I realize I'm also in the window of time where supply gets regulated. I'm trying not to be paranoid...

She has also been extra clingy. It's growth spurt behavior but she's not in any particular growth spurt window. Can this still be from the vaccines, or is something else going on, like a low supply or something?
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Re: vaccine side effect or something else?

  • I second the side effect as PP said but are you holding her legs while you BF? She is probably tender and doesn't want them touched and that could affect her wanting to eat. 
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