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So we have an artificial tree that's about 6 feet tall. It's a cheap one and is pretty loaded when it gets all decorated. I really want a new one. We have vaulted ceilings and a beautiful picture window so I really want a taller tree to put in front of that window. We found a gorgeous 9 foot tree that is prelit that I love. I was telling BIL about it, because he asked, and he mentioned he thought it would be nice to have an artificial tree. SIL (the one that has been judgy all week), practically bit his head off and said she would never get an artificial tree, it's JUST NOT CHRISTMAS with a fake tree. Then apparently yesterday she asked DH if we could even fill a 9 foot tree. He told her we could manage. It's not that big of a deal if I want an artificial tree that doesn't shed pine needles all over my house, right? On a related note, one more day until I can go back to being oblivious to all of the things SIL judges me about. This has been an annoying week.
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Re: Christmas Tree

  • This is the person who you hang out with all the time? Why do you spend so much time with them?
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  • I hate fake trees, so I don't blame them for not liking them. Sorry she's being a bitch though.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • I said I would never have a fake tree and then I met DH who has a lot of allergies and sneezes constantly around real trees.  I love my fake tree now.  It is a personal preference and I don't care what anyone else thinks, they should keep it to themselves!
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  • She's being a bitch. I prefer real trees and wouldn't consider a fake tree unless one of us had such severe allergies that even meds didn't help. But I had an awful experience the one year we borrowed ILs fake tree. It shed needles all over our living room, so I had the look of a fake tree (and even the good ones look fake) and the inconvenience of needles all over.
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  • Wow, she sounds like a peach! We have a huge fake tree because our dining room is open to the 2nd story. Either way, it's your choice. I also love real trees, and we will eventually have a real tree in our sunroom, that will become the 'family tree' where we will do Christmas morning with kids. But I'll always have my giant, gorgeous 12ft tree in my dining room with the mantel and railings decorated.

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  • I just want to say that I love our prelit artificial 7' tree, and I really couldn't care less what anyone thinks about it. If someone tried to judge me about it, and I'd just say meh, I love my tree. That's all. Next subject please.
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  • She's being a bitch. I love real trees but I have a fake one. I seriously don't understand why people get all judgemental about this stuff. It's not like you're making her use a fake tree too. If to her a fake tree "just isn't Christmas" then SHE doesn't need to use a fake tree.
  • This is the person who you hang out with all the time? Why do you spend so much time with them?

    I know it sounds crazy, but she's not usually like this. Although now I'm wondering if she is and spending all day everyday together is making me realize it. Regardless, I've decided I need to make more friends.
    Because you're mine, I walk the line....
    Landry Mark: 11/5/11
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  • It is just fine you want an artificial tree.  I might be caving on that front.  I have always wanted a real tree. I grew up going out to a tree farm, cutting it down, hot chocolate after the hunt, the smell in the house, etc. They are all great memories and I would like my children to have similar ones.  However, my DH hates real trees.  He bitches every time we go to a tree farm.  He refuses to cut one down, complains about the price, whines about the needles, says the smell makes him sick, and generally sucks every ounce of joy out of the experience.  My children are not going to have those wonderful memories, they are going to remember Mom crying and Dad ranting. I am starting to think it just is not worth it :-(  

    The rest of my family has converted to artificial trees, and they haven't looked back.  I have to admit, it is nice to have the tree up right after Thanksgiving and be able to leave it up a little while after Christmas.  In fact, we use my mom's tree as our backdrop for Xmas photos.  It just looks prettier.

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  • If the new tree can't take place this year, one "trick" I realized the year that we went tree shopping and there were literally ZERO trees left (DH is Mr. Scrooge - so mind you this was 4:00 on Christmas Eve)...  The only decent tree they had was super short (6') so we put it up on a coffee table instead...  Height issues solved!  (and with little ones or pets, it's great because it's an extra level LOL)...  It was a pretty tree too!

    IMO to each their own on the fake vs. real.  MIL has fake, we have real...  When I lived in an apartment the rules were such that we couldn't have real so I do own a couple fake ones.  DH prefers fake but it's not like he's going to help with the tree anyway...

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  • I love real trees but we made the switch to artificial this year. I'm sick of cleaning pine needles and this will only be worse with a toddler.

    We will go back to real down the road - just not the best option now.

    I'm also looking forward to setting it up Sunday. We actually went through 2 real trees last year before Christmas Day. Both died within a week of putting them up.
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  • KateMW said:
    I hate fake trees, so I don't blame them for not liking them. Sorry she's being a bitch though.
    This. I would have said the same thing if DH suggested it. But yea, this is clearly not her biggest issue. 
    I have said the same thing to my husband, but I don't judge those that have fake.  We have a fake one in our basement so the girls can decorate and undecorated to their hearts content.  I just prefer real for our primary tree and it doesn't feel like Christmas to me without that real tree. 

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