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Big Baby/Shoulder Dystocia in one pregnancy but not the next

Anyone have a big baby and/or shoulder dystocia with one pregnancy but not with the next?  Eleanor was 10 pounds and had a quickly resolved shoulder dystocia.  While I'm not super worried about having it again and know I can birth a "big" baby (both kids had 99+ percentile heads)...I'd be very happy if we didn't have another dystocia!  She was 10 days "overdue" whereas Callum was a day "early" and only 8lb 6oz.  Anywho, just wondering if anyone actually had a smaller baby after a big one.  Oh, and #3 is a boy so I suppose that statistically ups the chances that he will be larger - ha!

Re: Big Baby/Shoulder Dystocia in one pregnancy but not the next

  • I had an 11lb. 7oz. baby with dystocia, and the next was 8lb14oz. No distocia  Then had an 10lb15oz with her arm behind her back, and erbs palsy for 5months.
  • Thanks for the reply!  Sorry about the erb's palsy - a friend of mine's daughter also had it but recovered fully - hope the same is true for your LO!  Hoping for the 8-9 pounder this time but guess we'll see ;)
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  • My oldest son was 8 lb 4 oz - normal vaginal birth. 
    My middle daughter was 8 lb 13 oz with shoulder dystocia.
    My youngest son was 8lb 9oz - normal vaginal birth.

    It seems I grow large babies. I think positioning was key with my third birth going smoothly. When my daughter had shoulder dystocia, it happened with me lying back on my elbows, almost reclining on my back. When I had my third, I naturally got into a modified hands and knees position and he came flying out when it was time to push. 

    I am currently pregnant with my fourth and find myself wondering if shoulder dystocia could happen again. Once you have had a shoulder dystocia, it always is in the back of your mind. Our experience was very scary, after the dystocia and difficulty getting her out, my daughter did not breathe and there was a long panic of resuscitation. Eventually, she revived and she is now a perfectly healthy 5 year old. 

    In my experience, you can definitely have a normal birth after a shoulder dystocia. I am a big believer in freedom of movement while laboring and letting your body guide you into the instinctual position you need to be in to bring your baby into the world.
  • My mom had shoulder dystocia with my brother (just under 8 lbs) and then not with me or my sister (both slightly over 8 lbs). Of course that was the 1980s and all 3 highly medicalized births so who knows if this anecdote has any relevance. She always acts like her foggy birth memories somehow have great relevance to my pregnancies!
  • My SIL had an almost 11 pound baby then two years later she had a 6.5 pounder both boys and both right around the due date.  Although one looks more like her and one more like my BIL I think it just depends what genetics the baby gets.  
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  • My shoulder dystocia baby was my smallest! He was 7.6. My next two were 8 even and 8.10. No issues with them. Shoulder dystocia has more to do with position than size. There is no way to predict it. As long as your provider knows how to quickly and efficiently resolve shoulder dystocia, then I wouldn't worry. Squatting is the best way to birth any baby as it opens the pelvis to full capacity. Good luck and best wishes!
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