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People! Argh

So DH aunt and mother are coming up in 14days and I told them that LO due date isn't till the 18th December but since of the complications he came come anytime between now and then. So DH decided to let the aunt stay at our place that will have just moved into( moving in 6 days) so we will bust moving stuff in a setting LO room up and settling. So I see that this aunt has posted on FB that she will be here in 11days and that her nephew "better be born by the time she gets here" like um WHAT? Cause I can TOTALLY plan when he comes. We couldn't she wait until after Christmas or closer to his due date to come up instead of coming up early and may be disappointed if he doesn't????!!! I feel under pressure now because I am worried about packing and moving and hoping LO comes before she is here to keep her happy, but I'm pissed off at her for just expecting me to have him on her ' time clock'
Plus if he does come before she does, she is staying with us, didn't really ask if she could just kind of expected it because she lives 14hours away. So I will TOTALLY over visitors then having to deal with one constant visitor all day for 4days -.-

Am I over reacting but really I can't just push him out when you feel like it lady!!!!

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  • Not the first time she has said it even on the phone to her she says ' oh we'll I bloody hope he is here when I get up there. Or. 'Tell Sam to hurry up and push him out before I get there' and she comments on everything on my FB about bub saying to hurry up and have him. I just feel pressured
  • Tell her politely to back off seriously if it bothers u that much
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  • My girlfriends say this all the time, it's sweet to me, they just don't want to miss his birth due to their own holiday travels etc. let it go...and make sure you have enough moving helpers!
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  • Yeah I think your being a bit too sensitive to her comment. Though if you'd rather her not come until later in the month then speak up. Tell her with the move it would be better for her to come later and that way lo will definitely be here by then. Having a house guest while trying to settle into a new house and being 9 months pregnant sounds like a lot of unnecessary stress.
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