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Best Thanksgiving Ever...

So relaxed! Watched the parade, now we're heckling the dog show people. Turkey has been brined and is waiting to be rubbed down with some yummy stuff Ina Garten came up with, dressing and cauliflower are in the dishes chilling in the fridge, DH and DD are making the parfaits in a few, I'll make the potatoes right before they go in the oven later and we're about to go over to BILs to say hello. 

Hope everybody is having a great day as well!
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Re: Best Thanksgiving Ever...

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like a great day. I'm napping with the baby at my in laws listening to the sounds of dinner being made, DH and his siblings chatting, and the kids playing happily. It's a great sound.

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  • heavenly day so far... except the kids waking me up at the butt crack of dawn. currently nursing the baby and nibbling on leftovers from brunch. I need to steam the dumplings and make whipped cream for the pie. but maybe I'll nap with the baby first.

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