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Christmas card to the pediatrician

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Does anyone do this? I always see Christmas cards hanging in the pediatrician's office. I assume they're from patients, they have pictures of kids on them.

Do you send a card to the pediatrician? If you are married to a doctor, does he get cards from patients? TIA.

Re: Christmas card to the pediatrician

  • I always think it would be nice to do, then forget, haha. *shrug* 

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  • We send one and I used to take her a bottle of wine. But we changed practices and I'm not sure about this doctor yet, so no wine for her. To be fair, our old one lives around the corner from us, has kids at the same school as DD and has been friends with DH since he was married to his ex {they went to med school together. She likes me better. ;)}
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • I do now, since the nurse told me last year that I should because she cuts all the kids out of the pictures and makes a big framed collage for the year.

    Grant - 6/2/11
    Glenn and Caroline - 6/19/13

  • Never even thought to. Just added to my list.
  • No, but I don't send many cards. I do send a card to the law office I used to work for.
  • I will this year. We did IVF to get pregnant with DD and it really strengthened my relationship with my OB so she's getting one. So are my RE, the pedi, and the kids' dentist. We are switched to a different optometrist and once he sees DD for her exam in a couple months he'll get them too. 

    I live in a small town and it's common here. The optometrist will expect one. Our doctors and dentist are in the nearest city so I don't think they expect it like people do here in our town.

  • I haven't but I don't do picture Christmas cards.  If I did I'd send one to my OB/GYN because he's said if you send out picture cards I'd love to have one.  I really haven't thought to send on to her pedi.

  • Good to know. I had this weird irrational fear that maybe they were all kids the doctors/nurses knew personally and just hung up the cards and I would be the over-attached parent sending a card. I really over-think things.
  • On a related note, DH is an ob/gyn and someone from on high at his group told the docs they had to take down all their baby/kid pics from patients because of some hipaa bs. It doesn't make any sense.
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  • Ours asked us to submit holiday photos online.  They print and make ornaments for their tree from them.  I still need to take Christmas photos of the kids! Crud! This month slipped away too quickly.


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