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Newbie Intro + More Clomid Questions... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I've been trying to do all the research on Clomid that I can get my hands on, but still have questions.... hope you ladies can help.

Quick Intro:
DH is 32, I'm 30. Married for 6 years, and been in denial about TTC for over 2 years now. Gotta love lying to everybody that "you're just not ready yet!" All test results look great, except my progesterone level was a 5? So they recommended Clomid. I'm on Day 1 for Aunt Flo, and doing Clomid on the Day 5-9 cycle. I'm supposed to go in for an Ultrasound at Day 12/13... prob be Day 13 to look at "follies". What does this show me again?

Also, my instructions says to abstain 3 days prior to ovulation. Since I'm not sure when I ovulate, would I assume no sex after Day 10 on a normal 28 day cycle? And then why abstain, is that counter-productive?

I'm sure some of my questions are silly, so I appreciate your patience with me!

Thank you :)

Re: Newbie Intro + More Clomid Questions... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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    I am on my first round of clomid. My doctor did an ultrasound to check the follicles that are growing eggs to make sure I was responding to the clomid and to make sure my ovaries weren't being overstimulated. Clomid worked like a charm (so far) and I have 3 beautiful follicles on my left ovary and 2 on my right.

    As far as abstaining...that one I am not sure of. My doctor said to have sex EOD cd10-25 after taking clomid cd5-9
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  • Welcome! I'll add that they also check for cysts. Sometimes if your partners has MFI they tell you to abstain a little bit longer. We were only told to abstain for one day. My IUI was on a Tuesday and we were told to have sex on Sunday, but not Monday. I think maybe your RE is just being a little cautious. Are you going to trigger?
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    I have had 4 rounds with Clomid and the U/S lets them know if you have follicles that are potentially large enough to surge during ovulation.  They can also check for cysts, lining and any other issues you may be having.  I usually have an U/S on day 12 then again on day 15.  I am a late ovulator. 


    I will say the first round I was nervous.  I knew I was looking for follicles to be at least 16mm or larger and when he said they were 11mm I was devastated and crying on the table.  They then explained they were not giving up yet and gave me a few more days.  So don't be discouraged right off the bat. 


    Also I trigger shot (Ovidrel) to help me ovulate.  I am not sure if you are doing this also or not?

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  • We're not triggering this time, yet. Just took my first clomid pill and I won't lie, I'm a bit nervous for this first round.

    I did an HSG (which was an incredibly scary experience for me... they had to numb everything up) already and had no cysts, so hopefully this ultrasound won't show something different.

    THANK YOU ladies for all the clarity and explanation though... it makes it so much easier for me crazy mind to calm down. Hopefully it'll all go well on CD12. Fingers crossed!!!

  • The PPs pretty much covered it, I just wanted to wish you luck :-)
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