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Super Frustrated

So DD is 13 months old and we've cloth diapered since she was just a few weeks old. We did great for months. Then about 2 or 2.5 months ago they started leaking. Like nearly every change she had leaked. They also smelled pretty bad of ammonia after she peed in them, but not every before. Then slowly it got better and I assumed we had been not putting them on correctly. Then a few weeks ago she started getting a blistery rash. So I put her in sposies and it cleared right up within a day or two. The next day I put her back in CD and the rash returned. I did some research and found that it was probably a build up of yeast bacteria and they would have to be bleached. So I did that and she's been back in them for two days now. No rash, however she's leaking horribly again. 3 diaper changes in a row today. I'm sooo frustrated and on the verge of quitting. I just can't take the mess anymore. It's like they're not absorbing anything, they feel so light like there's no pee in them.


We have soft water and an HE machine. I've tried changing our washing routine multiple times and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Right now we do a cold speed wash with no detergent first, then a hot wash with EcoSprouts and extra rinse. I've tried to trick of throwing in a wet towel to weigh down the washer and have even tried doing a second cold wash and a second hot wash after everything I listed above. Anyone have ANY advice for me on what we can do to still make this work?

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  • It's not yeast if it goes away in disposables. Try hot water stripping. Hot washes on clean diapers. How much detergent do you use?
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  • If you have ammonia and red rash it's probably build up. Half cup of super washing soda in your clean load. Soak. Rinse rinse rinse....til you see no bubbles.

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    Yeah, it sounds like you probably need to change up your wash routine and switch detergents. It's build up. Your diapers are repelling, hence all the leaks. Do a hot water strip or even an RlR soak. I have an HE machine and found that I like sticking a either a delicates cycle with no spin or a rinse/drain/spin with no spin in between my express wash and regular hot wash, then I do a cold express w/ extra rinse after my hot wash. You probably need to switch to a different detergent and start using way less. Soft water you don't need a normal amount or even half the normal amount of detergent. Maybe try eco nuts since it's cheap and will probably clean your diapers well.

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