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How to get your DH/SO to mop the floor: A tutorial

1. Volunteer to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Purchase a brining bag for the turkey.

3. Pour a glass of wine.  Prepare desert. Pour another glass of wine. Don't be afraid to get a little wastey-pants.

4. Pour all the ingredients into the brining bag.

5. Twist it to close and give it a good shake. Then shake some more, just to be sure that all ingredients are mixed.

6. Watch in dismay as the bag bursts open, spilling a gallon of liquid and various other expensive ingredients on the floor.  Let it soak your feet and the bottoms of your pants.

7. Cry. Blame the wine, the hormones, whatever.  Really play up the sadsies.  You can't overdo this part.

8. Pour yourself another glass of wine, sit on the couch, and smile to yourself as he runs out to the store to replace the ingredients that were lost. 

Note: if you are feeling particularly sadistic, repeat steps 4-8 again (and again and again, to your satisfaction).


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