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Frozen is so cute and has an awesome message!! I was so pleasant,y surprised at how good it is!
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Re: Frozen

  • We really enjoy it too.  
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  • Aww, good. MIL is taking SD to see it tonight for her birthday. I'll probably end up buying it then because she watches the same movies here over and over.

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  • We are going this weekend! Glad to hear its good.
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  • Oh good to know.  I was thinking of maybe going this weekend.

  • Good to hear. We might take the kids this weekend.
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  • We liked it.  :)
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  • I am glad to hear that!  A bunch of kids and parents from DD1's class are meeting at the theater on Sunday to see it. 
    DD #1 - 01.08
    DD #2 - 03.13
  • We can't wait to see it on 12/14 - Girl Scout movie day out!

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  • I plan on taking DD in the next two weeks or so---once the crowd dissipates. She hasn't had much movie experience so I don't want her to ruin it for a whole crowd of people. She seems to want to see it too. She calls it the snowman movie. 
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