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Someone drove through DD's preschool

Just got a call preschool is cancelled this afternoon. Someone drove right through the front entrance. Thank God no one was in the coat room, no injuries. No real details yet. This seems to be happening more and more in my city. Most are reported as medical cases, maybe a heart attack, etc. but it never gives the actual reason in the newspaper, just medical issues. A friend of a friend came out with us one night and started telling us how she was the lady who drove through a nail salon. She said she was stressed that day. What the hell is happening? How does this happen so often? Just realized I am hearing it more and more.
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Re: Someone drove through DD's preschool

  • Glad everyone is okay.

    Can't say I hear of that happening very often around here. There seems to be hit and runs every day though.
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  • Omg that's crazy, glad everyone is ok! And you're right...this stuff seems to be on the news ALL the time now.
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  • Whoa, scary!
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  • omg how scary! so glad there are no injuries and that everyone is okay!
  • That is crazy! I am glad everyone is okay. 
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  • My friend's husband drove through the gates of a fair.  He had a heart attack while driving.  She was also in the car with her son.  Several people were sent to the hospital.  She said it was petrifying!

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  • Ugh, freaky. It happened here a few months ago too... A guy was charged with manslaughter for running over a little girl walking on the sidewalk. He was having a seizure, so it wasn't intentional, but apparently he was purposefully neglecting to take his meds. 

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  • Nobody has heard what happened yet. It's so odd, it's a small parking lot with concrete barriers. You would really have to lose control to go through. And if it happened 10 minutes later the coat room would have been filled with 18 4 year olds. The car drove through where they all would have been standing. I shake when I think about it.
    Olivia Kate is almost 4!
    Diagnosed with autism this year and doing great!
  • Very scary! I'm glad no kids were there and that nobody got hurt. It usually is either an elderly driver that mistakes the gas for the brake, an impaired or distracted driver, or a medical emergency. If it was a medical condition, you might not find out what the ailment was as that becomes private patient information. I'd feel a tad better knowing it was not an intentional act, but it still could have been bad regardless.

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