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Found out today that I'm M/C :(

Hi girls.  Well, yesterday I started having some light spotting, so I called the Dr just to make sure it was nothing to worry about.  They said I should be fine, just to keep an eye on it.  I have/had a reg scheduled appt for Friday, so they will see me then.  Well, as the night went on, the bleeding was getting heavier & redder.  So, I called yet again & they told me to come in this morning.  When I woke up today I just felt like I had my period, cramps and all.  So, I went to the Dr & they did an internal ultrasound.  There was no heartbeat & the baby measured at 6 weeks 4 days & I should be 9 weeks.  So they went on to tell me that the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 4 days.  So, anyway.  They told me my options, M/C naturally or the D & C.  So, since it seems like it's already happening, I'm going to try & let nature take its course.  If things don't get better within 2 weeks I'm to call them & schedule a D & C.  I asked what I should expect to happen now & they just told me heavier bleeding, some clots, tissue, and cramping.  I asked if I would actual see the baby & she said no, prob just some whitish, yellowish tissue.  What has everyone else experienced?  I'm a little scared of what I might see.  Should I just go with the D & C?  I'm so confused!  Thanks girls!
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Re: Found out today that I'm M/C :(

  • So sorry for your loss. I was measuring about what you where. I didn't see anything strange. Though I didn't examine it either.
  • so sorry for your loss - I dont have any advice really as my m/c was induced by methotrexate and my hcg levels were so low that I didn't have any noticable tissue pass.

    I am sorry you are going through this and the girls on this board are so helpful and supportive.


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

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  • I am so very sorry for your loss.  It is a devastating thing to go through.  My baby measured about where yours is.  I induced a natural miscarriage using misoprostol -- so it will be the same symptoms for the most part.  If you can -- call your OB back and ask for some pain meds.  When you pass the large clots and the sac it is going to really really hurt.  You may or may not know when you pass the sac -- it is about 2 inches in diameter and a greyish/flesh colored mass (the baby you can't see -- it was just a finger tip blob inside) that looks like a deflated baloon.  I actually passed that first and then started bleeding -- which is not common.  You will pass a lot of clots -- don't be scared if they are large, it is normal -- like golfball size.  I was surprised at how you kind of pee blood.  Again -- this is normal, but it can be unsettling.  Also try to use a heating pad if you have one and rest.  I ended up having retained tissue and needing a D&C afterall a couple months later.  If I (heaven forbid) have to make the choice again I will choose a D&C.  Again, I am so sorry for your loss.  Page me if you have anymore questions. 
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  • ::hugs:: I'm sorry for your loss. I had a d&c so I don't know about what to expect. ::hugs::
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. (((((hugs)))))

    I m/c at 7w and decided to have a D&C. It was quick and painless. I didn't want to deal with the anxiety of not knowing when I would m/c naturally and the thought of passing tissue and huge clots was so scary to me.

    I haven't bled at all since my D&C on Monday, but I've been warned that I may still have bleeding and clots so I know I'm not in the clear yet, but I definitely feel less anxious about it.

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  • I am so sorry that you are joining this sucky club.
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  • I would try my best to have a natural mc and avoid the D&C.  The worst I've seen so far (I've been bleeding for 5 days now) is a large whitish/grey/red clot.  I think the only reason i saw it was because I was in the bathtub.

    I am so sorry for your loss.... I'm sending hugs and prayers your way...

  • I too am so sorry that you had to join us all here.  It sucks. 

    I had also opted to let nature take its course and now regret having done that.  My cramping turned excruciating and the oncall doc wouldnt give me any pain meds-told me to go to the ER if it was that  bad so I'm with Jeffrae-if you're going natural call YOUR doc and get pain meds NOW. 

    I ended up having a d&c 1 week into my natural m/c because my cervix opened part way but not enough to let the sac pass naturally and then the sac got stuck and the pain and bleeding got so bad I almost passed out a few times.  Once I did the d&c it was all over.  Wish I had done that right away.  My experience wasnt a common one but I would recommend getting a d&c and getting it over with right away.

    From what I hear, even when you dont have an exp like mine, its still pretty painful and the bleeding can get scary.  Good luck and if you think things arent going right get to the ER or the doc right away!

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  • I am VERY sorry for loss. If you are already bleeding red, it is probable that you may pass everything naturally. I did pass some large clots and had severe cramping when those clots passed.


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  • First I am very sorry for your loss.  I had a d&c with my first m/c and used mistroprosol for the 2nd.  I highly recommend the d&c - granted you have to go through surgery its not nearly as traumatizing as what I am going through.  I have now had 12 days of extremely heavy bleeding with bad cramping several times a day.  Pretty much when i go from sitting to standing, I have to run to the bathroom.  I talked to my doctor on Monday (i have to go in weekly for blood testing) and he told me this could last for 4-6 weeks.  I would have never chosen this way if I had known that.  He just told me that it varies from person to person.  I don't mean to scare you in anyway b/c no matter which way you choose a m/c sucks.  I just wished I had been more informed before I chose the misoprostol (which is basically inducing a natural m/c).  With my d&c I had a couple of days of cramping and spotting and that was it.  Right now, it feels as if I have a constant reminder everytime I go to the bathroom.

     Best of luck to you.  May we all have a better 2009.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.
  • I am so sorry for your loss.  ((hugs))  Just take it one day at a time and it will some how get better!


  • I am verry sorry. I had a D&C at 10 weeks. The Dr. felt that was best, he wanted to testing and didn't know how long I would go. I am glad that I did that. I don't think I am strong enough to go through  a natural. I did have some horrid cramps and pains 4 days later and passes a few large clots. No one can tell you what to do, but I am glad I chose the D&C.
  • I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is an awful thing to go through and i can't imagine how much harder to have to go through it over the New Year. With that said, I wanted to share that my natural m/c wasn't nearly as physically bad as I thought it would be. I mostly had heavy but bearable cramping with LOTS of gushy bleeding (Sorry TMI) and of course some clots...the biggest was the size of a small apple. Baby measured 8w3d. 

    I used a heat pad (worked wonders), took lots of Ibuprofen and rested. It was a somewhat surreal thing to experience but I really trusted my body and it turned out okay. The emotional part was harder, but that came later.

    I wish you peace during this scary and sad time. We are all here with you. You can page me at TTCAL if you need/want anymore info.

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