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car seat regulations

I saw a co-worker post this on facebook & I see that it is two years old, but what does this mean exactly for buying car seats now for use in 2014? Sorry if this is common knowledge, but it is my first little one and all of this is a foreign language to me. Thanks!

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  • All car seats meat the same safety requirements so no seat is safer the another. As long as you have a seat properly installed in your vehicle and she is within the height and weight limits and properly restrained in the seat it just depends on what features you want.

    All vehicles have a LATCH weight limit (includes weight of child plus weight of car seat). Seats have a LATCH limit, too. There's a REALLY helpful group on Facebook - Car Seats for the Littles :-)
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  • Agree about checking out car seats for the littles. You learn things even if you don't ask any questions.
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  • I am a safety seat tech and I actually find most seats easier to install using the seatbelt anyway. A lot of people assume it's harder, but if someone teaches you the correct way it is really simple. If you go to you can search for inspection stations in your area.
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  • Just need to ensure the seat you buy can be properly installed with a seat belt in your car. I would think it’s rare to get a good install only with latch and not with a seat belt so it doesn’t really change much.  LATCH is merely there to make the install “easier” but in reality people have their preferences and some find seat belts easier. 


    In the end LATCH is no safer than a seat belt install, what is important is a proper install.  Some seats don’t work in some cars so test out the seat and ensure it will work.  Rear face as long as you can (ideally 2-4years of age), harness forward facing until your child is able to properly use a booster, and booster until your child can properly fit an adult seat belt (which is usually well after 9years of age).



  • Thanks for the info...I will check out the littles page.
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