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Birth Control Methods... The mini pill??

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Hi ladies! I went to my postpartum appointment yesterday and everything looks good. My doctor asked what I wanted to do about birth control options, and I asked for his advice, as I never took birth control, so I wasn't too sure. He suggested Nor-QD which is also known as the Mini-Pill because it only contains progestogen because I am breastfeeding my 8 week old. I'm a little concern about taking a birth control pill because I've heard they can cause strokes, blood clots, heart attacks and so on. I am a healthy 24 year old, and I know I shouldn't really worry, but I'd be lying if I say it doesn't cross my mind. Has anyone taken the mini-pill? What are your thoughts on it? My husband and I never really used condoms in the past, and it took us about 6 months to get pregnant when we were actively trying. I don't want to get pregnant ANYTIME soon, so I am even concerned about only using a condom, which my husband doesn't want to use anyway. I think the mini- pill is the best option, but I'm still unsure.

Re: Birth Control Methods... The mini pill??

  • I'm taking it now but am HORRIBLE at taking any meds at the same time every single day so I also have an appt to get an IUD next month.  So far tho, I havent had any medical issues and it hasnt affected my supply (am also EBF).

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  • I took birth control pills for 9 years before trying to conceive. Now that baby is here and I am breastfeeding, I am taking the mini pill. Its only been about a month for me and I haven't noticed any negative effects.
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  • I personally hated it but I know many ladies really like it.  I took the regular pill before getting pregnant with DS for 8 years and never had an health issue or otherwise with them.

    If you don't mind me asking, why do you hate it?

  • If your doc is recommending it, he probably knows, but there have been a lot of studies and articles coming out lately about how the efficacy of the mini-pill starts reducing at certain weights (it's not even about being overweight or having a high BMI, say, if you are tall and weigh a proportionate amount, it can still be too much weight). Because they tend to test the pills on a certain weight class, I think it's women under 150lbs, the efficacy goes down after that. I think the magic number is 174lbs where it declines dramatically. I might ask your doc about that before you get on it, especially if you don't want another baby soon.

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  • @divinemsbee, I weigh 129 and I'm loosing more weight, as I get down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 118/120.
  • I was on BCP for 10 years and never had any side effects.I have friends though who hate it, so it just depends. Im on the mini pill now and have been for a few weeks and haven't had any side effects either, also BFing and no decrease in supply.
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  • I was on the pill for years and I loved it so I chose the mini pill for post partum contraception. I've been on it for 3 weeks now and it's working great. You have to take it at the same time every day, but I just set an alarm on my phone and I haven't had any issues.
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  • We will either do family planning or I want to get a IUD, the non-hormonal one.

    I'm not very good with pills, and the IUD is temporary birth control good for 5yrs. My OB didn't want me to take it until we had 2 kids, due to any risks. We are done, and we've been blessed with two its either a temp IUD or tubes tie/vascectomy - which DH and I agree is simply too permanent.

    We know many couples who get permanent BC and then regret it 5+yrs down the road.
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  • I've been on the mini pill for 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed any side effects yet, though I did my period & it has lasted longer than pre-pregnancy ones. Not sure if its related to the pill or not. It is my 1st PPperiod. Like Previous poster I also set an alarm on my phone and take it at noon each day.
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  • I was on birth control pills from the age of 18-35, when my doctor switched me to tr mini pill because I was a smoker. I never had any issues with regular BCP, when I switched to the mini pill, I felt more tired and my husband could tell a difference in my emotions/activity level. So I stopped taking it after we discussed trying for a baby. Now that baby is here, I will go back on it of my doc offers it. I'm tired already with a 2 week old, don't think BCP will make me much more tired!
  • I was on the mini-pill, even with Factor V Leiden and a family history of blood clots and PEs. It just doesn't have the same hormonal risks as a regular pill.

    That said, I got pregnant with DD2 whilst on said mini-pill. I took it regularly and religiously, was breastfeeding and had not yet gotten a period PP. 
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  • I took the combination pill for about 4 years with no negative side effects. after having my first child I began taking the minipill per my ob's recommendation. Only been on it about 3 weeks. So too soon to share my experience but from my research it seemed like the best option. (Although, still considering iud.) Make sure that when you stop breastfeeding exclusively, you dont rely on it. Its only effective when combined with bfing.
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  • After DD was born we used condoms before I decided to take the mini-pill (DD was 5 months old). I stayed on the mini for about 8 months before ditching it. The biggest negative IMO is that you need to take it at the exact same time every day for it to be effective. I also had a more difficult time controlling my emotions while on it and just plain didn't feel like myself till I went off it. This time around I opted for an IUD instead and, while I'm not a huge fan, I like it better than the mini pill.
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  • I started the mini pill and stopped as it decreased my supply.
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