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DS is 13 weeks old and we still swaddle him. Are there any STM out there who could give some advice or help on when to start weaning their babies from swaddling? DS will only take about 20 min naps during the day but at night, once he's swaddled, he sleeps from about 8:00-4:30 or 5 a.m. I want to start weaning him away from this but at the same time I"m not sure what is best for him. He's rolled over from tummy to back a few times now, so I don't want to underestimate his abilities. I am a FTM so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Re: Swaddling

  • We started weaning DS1 around that time. I began by leaving his arms out. I did that for about a week. Then, we transitioned to one of those sleep bag things. Not sure what they're called. But they zip all the way up and look like a bag at the feet. He transitioned pretty easily. DS2 doesn't have to be swaddled to sleep, so I'm looking forward to not having to wean this one. Good luck!
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  • It's the Halo Sleep least that is what we are going to use. We use the Sleep Sack Swaddle and leave her arms out. Also, she is never swaddled during naps. But that has been a thing since day one. 

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