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O freak you out? (yes, THAT "o")

Ok, I just have to ask...do pregnant orgasms freak any of you out? I know I've read a million things that say that your uterus contracts when it happens, and a little cramping is normal. Right???

So last night as we were, er, celebrating my birthday, when "it" happened I definitely definitely felt some serious crampy squeezing stuff going on down there. But less all-the-way-down-there like usual and more up into my abdomen. Which I know was probably normal. But it still kind of freaked me out. I hadn't felt like that during the (minimal) times we've DTD since I got pg. Maybe it just felt more intense because my uterus is bigger now? Anybody?

(sorry if TMI. and kind of stupid.)?



Re: O freak you out? (yes, THAT "o")

  • Cramping afterwards, even a little bleeding is normal.  I definitely had cramping after O'ing, even to the point of it becoming painful.  It sucked. 


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  • I know cramps and some bleeding are normal.  For me I feel my bump area get really hard for a few minutes afterward, then it goes away. 
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  • Yup - that's normal - I get a rock hard bump as well and ususally some mild cramping for a few hours after. 

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  • I love pregnant orgasms.  lol.
  • I get a Braxton Hicks contraction every time I O. Earlier on it had crampiness associated w/ it, as well.
  • On the brighter side of things. . .at least we're all still having O's =)
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