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How high does your blood pressure have to go before the doctor sends you to the hospital? How far along?

I am 32 weeks and I have HBP (140/80 at my last visit).  I was put on bed rest and I have been checking it at home, however I think my machine is broken! In a matter of seconds it will read anywhere between 140/80 to 160/120... It is obviously not right and not working.  I feel perfectly fine, most swelling has gone down, no dizziness or anything, but I am scared that when I go into the doctor this morning it is going to get high again! Will they just continue to send me home to relax and stay off my feet as long as it stays around the 140/80 area? Or is there a chance they would send me into the hospital?? I am so not ready to have this baby! It needs to stay in and cook at least 4 more weeks!!!

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  • Usually over 145/95. With two readings. an hour apart. They might also look for other symptoms like headache, swelling, floaters etc. IMHO, my dr would not send me at 140/80.
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  • If it's consistent with you I'm surprised you're not on Labetalol or a similar med. same thing happened to me and I was sent to l and d with my last baby, then sent home after more tests. Ask your dr about meds. I have had no side effects except lower bp.
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  • It's different with every person. Today my bp was 148/103 and I'm home but i also take aldomet to control it.
  • Thanks.. It actually has been pretty consistent at 140/80 every time the doctor checks it... I monitored it ll day today and it was always about 115/79 which is much more normal!!
  • I'm supposed to call if I get a reading over 150 or 100 respectively. For some reason I'm not on meds but have been told to lay on my left side as it drastically reduces my pressure. I hate my home monitor and always do a couple readings before I panic.
  • I'm having twins and dr told me today is it stays around 140/90 for a few readings, I'll be on MBR, 24 hr urine, and meds (possible procardia since it worked before).
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    It depends on your doctor and your situation. When I was pregnant, for the first two trimesters, I had 120/80 readings, so when I received my first higher reading in the beginning of the third trimester (somewhere in the 130s/90s range), they sent me over for monitoring. Then, when the monitoring turned out okay, they didn't send me over for my next 130s/90s reading, but when I went up into 140s/90s-100s range, they sent me for monitoring and a 24-hr. urine test. That came back positive for preeclampsia, so after that, I only needed to call the doctor if I went over 160/100 because they were already treating me for the preeclampsia (multiple appointments, NST, bloodwork, etc.), so there wouldn't have been a point in calling for less.

    ETA: I had a failed induction at 36 weeks because my blood pressure spiked high and took meds to get it down, so they decided it was just best to deliver at that point.
  • Definitely depends on your doc and your "normal" readings. I normally have 130s/80 due to white coat but last two appointments it raised to 140s/90s which we found out was due to a not well regulated thyroid but they put me on meds (aldomet) and i have absolutely no protein at this point. You said it was low at home so it could be partially white coat syndrome as well if you are so anxious about a high reading. I wouldn't think at that BP you would go to the hospital especially if you feel fine but again it entirely depends on your doc and history.
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  • I was hospitalized when mine went over 180/100.  My highest that I remember was 210/120 and I stayed in the hospital for 2 days until it came down.  I had preeclampsia.
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  • It must depend on what's normal for you and other details of your pregnancy.

    For me if the top number went over 160 I was to call the doctor.
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  • WOW my bp was way higher than that with my DD and I wasn't put on bed rest (bottom # often 100+). I was on labetalol. I'm learning how hands off my old docs actually were, so glad DD's here and healthy given the crappy care I got.

    I want to suggest that you make sure the cuff is the right size or get a wrist bp monitor. If its pinching or doesn't fit well it will give you a higher inaccurate reading. Also it can be anxiety, take a minute to breathe and try again. The first reading is not always right
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