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where baby should sleep?

My little girl will be 3 months next week and she is 11 and a half pounds. She currently sleeps in the bassinet part of her pack n play and I realize that it is recommended that they stop sleeping in at once they reach 15 pounds. I am not ready for her to sleep in a separate room but we don't bed share as I'm not willing to give up my 4 blankets and 3 pillows. Should I have her sleep in the play yard portion of the pack n play or should I move her crib into my room? She also can't sleep in her swing or rock n play anymore because she rolls onto her side in them. 

Re: where baby should sleep?

  • PnP or crib in your room would essentially be the same thing.  Although, the crib mattress should be higher set in the crib, and thus would be easier to place  LO in without disturbing her sleep.

    I guess I would try the crib in your room.  In any event, good luck with the transition!!
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  • why not just have her sleep in the pack and play in your room?  That would work, no?  Good luck!
  • I would say go with what makes you the most comfortable as I don't see a "right" or "wrong" answer here.

    Agreed with the above. I had the same situation happen to me and I just said to heck with it and started putting him in his crib. I wasn't quite ready either but he transitioned beautifully. My room is close enough to his and I have the monitor on and I check on him frequently.   Just think, you'll have to do it eventually and now is as good as a time as ever because they start to change up their sleep again around 4-5 months and become really aware of their surroundings so it'll probably be easier now than later. 

  • Ah I'm so nervous to do it. I never thought I'd be the first one to get separation anxiety!

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    Related Question - have any of you used the Snuggle Nest and would you recommend it for the first two to three months? We have limited space in our bedroom and would have to put Pack and play w/ bassinet at the foot of our bed as opposed to the side, before eventually moving him to his crib (his room is right next to ours). Wondered of the SN was a good option.

    Thanks and sorry for hijacking. :)
  • My SIL recommended putting Ds1 in a crib in his room at 3 months. I can't recall where she read that, but it worked out pretty good for quite some time. It was nice to be able to stay up in the master room with lights on reading later than his bedtime. The only downside was getting up to go to his room for the late night and early morning feeds for awhile longer.
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  • We have one, I like that baby is within reach but don't like the literal wall it put between DH and I. We actually have the crib in our room and we put the SN in the crib and that's working great for us - I hated how big the crib was compared to her.

    I guess as long as you don't mind not sleeping next to your SO it'll work well for you.
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