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Hello All, 

I have a question.  I work for a small firm (20 Employees) in NYC and I was informed I was only allowed 8 Weeks of maternity leave.  I called FMLA and they told me I would have to call the state and see what they offer, since FMLA only covers 50 employees and up.  I keep on getting the run around from the state.  I was wondering if anyone works for a small firm and got 12 weeks for maternity leave? I would appreciate and help or advice anyone has to offer.  Thanks in advance.   
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Re: Maternity Leave

  • k1dubk1dub member
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    I work for a small firm and get 12 weeks starting January 1 since our current 8 week leave had women rebelling and leaving. They added 4 weeks as a way of increasing retention.

    However, this isn't an FMLA issue. There is no law stating that any company should offer maternity leave. I have many friends who work in various Federal gov offices who get NO maternity leave whatsoever and it's completely legal. Just be happy with what you do have and set aside money and time if you want to add on 4 more weeks.
  • I'm sorry but by law you're entitled to Maternity leave under short term disability leave.  Also FMLA is by law for 50+ employees, which allows you 12 weeks of leave (6 Weeks from short term disability and 6 weeks from FLMA)   


    I just wanted to know if anyone was able to get 12 weeks from their employer.  

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  • I work for a company with under 50 employees, and I ONLY get 4 weeks of maternity leave. some companies offer NO maternity leave AT ALL. 
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