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HELP!! Formula recommendations needed...

Hey Ladies!

I am trying to find any recommendations for a good formula for my little guy.  He has acid reflux and I'm trying to see which formula will work best for him. I have been breast feeding but my milk has slowed down again.  The problem is, I go back to work on Monday and so he will need something for when we are apart.  I still plan to provide him with my milk, but I Know that it is not enough.  Any recommendations?  He's 8 weeks with acid reflux.  Thanks in advance!!



Re: HELP!! Formula recommendations needed...

  • Similar sensitive....or any other sensitive of another brand.

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  • I would talk to your pediatrician, but we switched to Enfamil Gentlease and see a huge difference!
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  • DS1 had acid reflux, and we supplemented with formula. Our ped recommended soy formula for bf babies. In her experience, it was the easiest for bf babies to digest. I would ask your ped what he/she recommends.
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  • This is something probably want to run by your doctor to see if you should be choosing anything other than "regular" i.e. gentle, soy, etc.  But, whatever version you end up needing, do your wallet a massive favor and buy a store brand.  They're just as safe and just as healthy and you will pay a ton less.  We use Target sensitive and it's just as good as the name brand we started with :)
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  • We use Earths Best sensitive and it works for us, plus it doesn't stink. I've heard good things about enfamil formula as well.
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  • This is definitely a question for your pedi. We use similac advance but again, I would ask my pedi before giving my LO any formula.
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  • Whatever you choose, it may take a few to find the right one. I recommend going on the different formula company's website (like and most have a sign up process. This gets you some free formula and coupons.

    My LO has acid reflux and is on similac alimentum - it's a great formula but I wouldn't start there.
  • DD had reflux when she was born until about 9 months and was on zantac for that.  we used Similac and she was fine.  all babies are different so it might be a trial and error with your LO.  I am doing the same with DS right now.  Breastfeeding and supplementing with Similac.  its working with him too so far.
  • I would ask your pedi, ours also had samples to try which helped us find one that worked.

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