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New here... 37 & pg w/ first!

Hi there,

My name's Karen and DH and I just found out we are pg with our first. I'm 37, so I'm a little shocked that it happened on only our 3rd cycle of TTC! But here we are and I'm at 4.5 weeks now.

I'm excited/happy/overwhelmed, but also scared to get too attached. Is it true that the chance of m/c is much higher b/c of it being a first pg at my age?

I am also completely freaking out b/c I've had light brown spotting just about every few hours. My first appt at the OB's office isn't until 6 weeks. Nurse told me the spotting is no cause for concern and that I should not worry unless I have severe cramping and/or red blood. It's so hard to just TRUST that though. I feel like: shouldn't I be getting blood work to make sure progesterone and everything is OK? Or am I just being a crazy irrational worrywart? I am trying to just trust that all will be OK (and if it's not, there's good reason for that too).

I'm glad to have found this board. I'm on another board thru a different website, but discovered yesterday that I'm definitely the oldest one there, so it will be nice to have this board with folks in my age group!

Re: New here... 37 & pg w/ first!

  • Congrats and welcome! I wish you a great 9 months and a very Happy new Year!
  • Congratulations!!!!   Being pregnant for the first time is both exciting and scary?especially when you're an "older" first-timer.  I'd say listen to your doctor and hope for the best.



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  • Don't worry about brown spotting. I had it every single day until 13 weeks w/ my 1st pregnancy. (I was 34 going on 35)
  • Welcome, Karen!!  Congrats!

    Like PP's said, brown spotting can be scary, but usually that's about all the harm it does. Don't worry about calling your OB when you need to!  I had quite a bit of spotting my first tri too, and never called the office. I was silly for not getting some reassurance! :) You're lucky that your doctor is seeing you so soon - a lot of offices make patients wait until 10 weeks!

    There are more risks as you get older, sure, but don't think TOO much about that. (easier said than done...) Your doctor will go over the risks and what to look out for. For now, just take your vitamins and get some rest! :)

    H&H nine months to you!

  • congrats!!!!

    this board doens't move as fast as the others- but there is no drama or silly high school games here either- which is nice :)

    i don't know anything about an increased risk for m/c with your situation... so try not to think about it :) plenty of women your age or older get pg and have no issues at all.

    spotting is very common in pg...early on and even later.  Some women even bleed red and have healthy babies.  I had some spotting a couple weeks ago ... my OB checked me out b/c it's twins- but said it was nothing.  this early on they won't really do anything for you re: spotting- just keep note of it- and if it turns red or has bad cramps- then call the doc.

    best of luck to you!! Hope to see you around here often - we need more regular old lady posters :)

  • Congratulations and welcome. I'm 39 and pg with my second.Where are you from? I'm in NJ.

    Yes, our chance of mc is higher then that of a 25 y/o but not crazy high. About 30% they say.

    Also, I didn't even see my doctor until I was 7 weeks and will have my first ultra sound at around 9 weeks.

  • I'm in MI (brrrr!). We are getting ready to go out to dinner and movie with my parents for NYE. Planning to tell them the news tonight! I'm an only child and this is our first, so I think they will be pretty excited. They have been great about (mostly) not pressuring us. I didn't get married until I was into my 30s; in fact, next week is our 4th anniversary!

    Thanks to all of you for your reassuring posts about the spotting. It really helped me to feel better and I am going to try to relax and not worry about it these next two weeks the best I can.

    Look fwd to getting to know you all!

  • Welcome Karen and CONGRATS!    I didn't ever have the brown spotting,but from what I know from others?   I'm with the rest of the posters.   Not a big deal.    Man there are a LOT of us here from NJ!  

    Have fun telling the family tonight.    I know how *insane* my family went when we told them I was finally having a baby at 36..  it'll be a fun night for CERTAIN! :)

    Happy new Year!!


  • Congrats and welcome! And I think most of us are crazy, irrational worrywarts. Wink
  • Congratulations - you sound just like me! I am also 37, pregnant with our first and we conceived after 4 cycles of trying. I am sure your dr knows what they are talking about...
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  • I'm 38 and pg with our first, after almost a year of trying, so I'm also scared that it won't stick, especially after trying for so long. When you're over 35 each month TTC seems like forever!

    I had brown spotting for 3 days from 12-14dpo, so I guess that was implantation bleeding. Since you're under 5 weeks, my guess is that's what you have too. Many women spot and their pregnancies are fine. GL and H&H 9 months!

    P.S. Unless you were previously diagnosed with low progesterone, I don't think they will check your levels until you go in for your official visit. Don't worry about it too much.

    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • Congrats and Welcome!! I have some friends that had brown spooting for a while in the beginning and all is good so don't stress about it!!!
  • Congrats and welcome, so glad you could join us...these girls are an awesome bunch.  You'll learn a lot here.  I just joined a few weeks ago myself and I'm 36 and we are pregnant with our first, after trying for almost a year!   Enjoy telling your parents, I'm an only child and my mom hasn't let go of me since I told her .. LOL   They're both 70 and I blurted out one day "You guys aren't too old to become grandparents yet, are you?"  my mom knew right away while it took my dad (with a confused look on his face) a few minutes to catch up!  LOL  They are SUPER excited!  :o)

    Happy New Year!

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  • Congrats & welcome.  I am 38 and pg with my first and also live in MI.
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  • Welcome!  I am 38 and pg with my first.  I don't live in MI now but went to U of M for undergrad (Go Blue!)   Try to relax and stay warm.
  • Congrats! I got pregnant with my first and only 3 weeks before my 40th bday. She 3 months old now and perfect. You'll be just fine!

  • Welcome and congratulations!!  Try not to worry - spotting is normal.  It could be left from implantation, from sex, or your body could be adjusting to the changes.  As long as it stays brown and light, you should be fine.  I have read about girls on other boards who have spotted as late as 15 weeks and everything is just fine.
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  • Congrats and welcome!!
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