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Potty Training Boys

When did you potty train your DS?

I was planning on starting the potty training process with Nicky right after he turns two in the summer, but a few people I've spoken to recently seem to think that's rather late. Once of DH's cousins had both her boys potty trained before 18 months.  I was quite surprised by that and just wanted to see what others thought about it...

Re: Potty Training Boys

  • 18 months is really pretty early these days, for boys or girls.  Every kid is different, though, so if Nicky gives you signals early, then go for it, especially since you're home with him.  We've started the process in a really slow way with Cedric, but he is still almost exclusively in diapers.  We have a potty, which he liked to sit on now and then, and he likes to sit on the toilet sometimes, too, and has even used it (exactly once--to pee).  He can "hold it" for long periods, though, and often runs around the house sans pants or diapers.  Not sure how helpful that info is to you!

    18 months is kind of old school, though.  Most peds will tell you not to rush it and to wait till the kid gives you signals, whenver that may be, even up to ages 3-4.


  • 18 months seems early to me - boy or girl.  my plan is to start at 18 months too and I have a girl.  Sophia is not ready now so I am not going to rush it.  If Nicky is showig ready signs, then go for it.  Just don't be discouraged it is doesn't happen right away.  good luck.
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  • I agree with the others 18 months is kinda early but ya know what I've heard of kids doing it that early (there are quite a few on the 12 month+ board that are already potty trained).  So I don't think its too early to at least get him used to what the potty is whether he does anything on it or not.

    We bought a potty a few weeks ago since on bath days I'd get the water ready while Gary undressed Mikey and the water wouldn't be ready by the time he got to the bathroom so I figured we'll sit him on a potty just in case he had to pee. Well of course he hasn't done anything on those days.

    Yesterday when he woke up from his nap I went to change his diaper like I normally do and I noticed he was going to pee (you know what I'm walking about Wink) and instead of rushing and putting another diaper on him I sat him on his potty and I sat down on the floor and we looked at a magazine for a few minutes and all of a sudden I hear him peeing. Of course I got all excited because he used his potty for the first time but its not like he told me that he had to go, I just knew based on his "signs".

  • First of all, as hard as it is not to compare your son to others - don't.  Secondly, unless Nicky is showing you that he's really interested, 18 months is really young.  Noah showed us signs around 2.5.  Unfortunately for us we couldn't give him the time and attention he needed to make it work.  Now that we're ready, he's not.  So we're going to hold off for a little while and try again soon.  Potty training is one of those things that children won't do until they are mature enough and ready for. 

    Also, as it relates to boys specifically we find that Noah does much better using the potty to pee in like a grown man (standing).  He didn't do as well sitting.  I never thought that would be the case but for us it is so don't count anything out and take any opportunity when he shows interest.

    Oh - and good luck!  You're going to need a lot of patience!

  • 18 months is really young, and I've noticed while some parents claim their kids were ready that early, some seemed to have forced the issue a little bit.

    I was attempting to start Kaitlyn on the potty right before I had Hannah, when she was 20 months old. While she was showing signs, we were incredibly busy with the newborn to really focus on Kaitlyn. So once she was about 25 months old (and Hannah was sitting independently) I started again. I'd say she is about 99.9% fully potty trained. She's not had an acident in forever, but I still keep her in her "sleepy panties" AKA pull-ups for when she goes to sleep. We're actually just about ready to drop those too,  just need to get a water-proof matress cover. :)



  • I can't speak from a mom of a boy (yet), but Gaby started potty training when she was about 2 years old. They started at school taking them every 15 minutes (I had to pack about 3 outfits for her!) then at home I would follow the same thing, take her every 15 minutes and even if she didn't want to pee I would take her and play patty cake. Now when training for # 2 came it was a little harder b/c like some kids she was more "shy" about this then peeing.

    I think you should wait until Nicky shows some sort of signs, maybe you can start reading him books and showing him videos about potty training. You don't want to force this mild stone on him either since it will just delay the process more.

     Also the most important thing to remember is not to look at what other kids his age or yonger are doing- all kids are different and they will get the itch sooner or later. I'm sure when it's Nicky's turn he will do just fine :) 

  • Diego was not ready for sure at 18 months. Now that he is 2 he nows when he is going #2 in his diaper but no mention of pee pee...lol.

    I am planning on buying a little seat for him and start training him now and see if he is done before the baby arrives. it would be nice to have only one baby in diapers.

    ?Don't stress or rush about it. Is Nicky giving you any sings?


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