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Sex after M/C?

My husband and I tried this morning after having a natural miscarriage 2 weeks ago. We had to stop about 10 min in because it was too painful. It felt extremely tight and once we got more into it it started to burn a little. Anyone experience this and is this normal?

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  • For me we had avoided sex while I was pregnant because I was spotting and scared straight... so I hadn't had sex in 6 weeks... it just took a little getting used to and I asked DH to be gentle.  Give yourself a little grace and try again if/when you can.  

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  • DH and I had been having sex while pregnant.  We waited 2 weeks after having our d&c done before we had sex again.  It took about a good two or three times until it no longer was mildly uncomfortable or slightly painful.  He was gentle but the movement was just slightly irritating.  The other evening when we had sex though it felt like everything was back to normal. 
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  • we havent had sex yet (been two weeks since my d&c) and to be honest I just dont feel like being touched. sometimes even sleeping in the same bed is irritating. I feel bad about that and im hoping it changes soon. dh is amazing so its not him, Im just not there yet.
  • You can always call your dr and ask. We waited a good two weeks after my d&c. We waited until my f/u visit - then I was sick. The first time, I think I was more nervous than anything . . . my head was still processing everything that happened. We had to use condoms until AF came and I don't like them, so that put me off a little too.
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  • You may want to try a relaxation technique and try again, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Our minds are very powerful. If you still feel burning I would call doctor
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