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obgyns in fort lauderdale

Looking for recommendations and comparison specifically between Dr. Fahey or Dr. Bourget, in the Fort Lauderdale area. I hear c-section rates are high in Florida, even without complications!? This is my first pregnancy, and want to avoid unneeded pressure. Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Look up Dr. Skeete. She is very pro-natural birth, performs water births and also recommends hypnobirthing. If you end up with a c-section, she also is one of the few doctors who will do a VBAC. We adore her!

    I had Dr. Fahey for my last two days of post partum care. I elected to have a c-section when my son was still breech at 38 weeks - Dr Skeete pushed me to wait until I went into labor, but I really wanted her to deliver my baby and she was going on vacation. I hated Fahey. I felt like she was rude and condescending. Example: I didn't want to take very many of the narcotic pain killers. I was okay with Motrin for the most part. This was in my chart, which I guess she never bothered to read, because she yelled at me (LITERALLY yelled) when I was proud for having walked the hallway twice. She said, "That isn't anything to be proud of. You should have walked it eleven times at least." I said, "You told me to walk the hallway. You never gave me a number., It hurts to walk. I'm only taking percocet once a day." She basically called me an idiot for doing that. On top of that, she never did an exam or looked at my stitches. She always had her purse in her hand and rarely came closer than the bathroom. It was like she had one foot out the door the entire time. I HATED her. I told the nurses what a B she was and they said, "Oh she must be on her diet. You can tell when's on her diet because she can't stand anyone." 

    Anyway... that's my two cents. I don't know Dr. Bourget, so no opinion there. 
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