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Are you freaking kidding me?

I've had enough bad news today.  DH just called and said his boss said they're going to have to start working later.  They already work until after 5, and DH doesn't get home until 6:30.  I don't know what later is, but that means he's definitely not going to be getting home before Eli goes to bed.  Normally he's supposed to get off at 4.  I am getting so irritated with them.  I wish he could get a job closer.  I'm basically a single mom.  He leaves before we get up in the morning, and now won't get home until after Eli's bedtime.  And my work is super busy and crazy right now, but I can't work late, b/c I have to pick Eli up from daycare.  And DH has started working some Saturdays too, so I can't work then either.  I'm sure my boss is going to be thrilled that I can pretty much only work 40 hours a week regardless.  And to top it off, he's salaried, so no overtime.  And he's underpaid, and his boss admits it.  But he won't get him a raise.  He just doesn't feel like now's the time to try to find something else in the industry he's in.

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Re: Are you freaking kidding me?

  • Oh no! That really stinks.... I'm sorry, mikey.. Sad

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  • Oh no -- that really does suck. So sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how tough it is for you.
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  • That sucks. I am going to have to talk to my DH about this too. Sometimes he doesn't come home until really late, but most nights he is home by 6:00 or 6:30, he is supposed to leave work at 4:45, but he never does. He is salaried too, but they have a "budget" and comp him a certain amount each month for overtime, which is nice. But once he reaches that amount he can't collect more $$. Some nights he's at work until 10:00. I can't imagine doing what you do every day with a baby, I get annoyed and its just me at home.



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  • Oh, I hate that for you! 
  • I'm sorry that you're getting all this bad news at once!  I can relate though to the single mom thing (although mine is only part time - I have a step son).  It's hard, difficult, and seriously annoying at times.  It was worse when my DH traveled so much, but it's better now (but still hard when he works OT).   
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  • That really sucks.  My DH works lots of long hours, but he doesn't work too far from home.  Maybe your's will find something closer to home.

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  • ugh, so sorry to hear that! i hear ya on the single mom thing, many days DH comes home after henry's in bed, and he always leaves before we get up in the morning. it's tough. sorry you have to pick up all the slack. hope something positive happens soon!
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