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are any prenatals ok?

or do I have to take the ones my dr prescribes? ob said its really important to take prenatals now (even though we werent given the ok to start trying again yet) I have two full bottles of natures own but im wondering are the prescription pre natals better?

Re: are any prenatals ok?

  • It depends on the kind he prescribed.  But generally they're all fine.  It's important to take PNVs for at least a few months before TTC because it takes a long time for some vitamins to build up adequately in your system.  Folic acid, for example, takes up to 6 weeks or something (but don't quote me on this because my memory is shit right now). 

    But yeah, just take what you have, some people do better digesting some than others.  You can always ask your pharmacist what the difference is between the two and go from there.
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  • Maybe you could take the ones you have at home until you start TTC . . . then switch to the ones your dr prescribed? If you are unsure, you could always call your dr and ask.
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  • My OB said I can do either. I liked the prescription I was using because it had a stool softener in it, but I could just as easily buy one OTC. He did recommend I switch to one with DHA, so I did. I would probably switch back to prescription during pregnancy if my insurance covered it.
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  • I asked my OB about this because I take cheapies that I get at Walmart (like $7 for 3 months worth).  He said that the kind doesn't necessarily matter unless otherwise prescribed... that being said, my endocrinologist also wanted me to ensure I was getting enough iodine as well due to my hashimoto's so there's that to consider too.  

    All in all... make sure you take the vitamins now because as PP have said things like folic acid should be in your system before you get PG to help.

    Good luck.

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  • I asked my doctor if one was better than the other in regards to absorbency. She said OTC was fine. I use Rainbow Light mini tablets and take Nordic DHA. I have no bad side effects so I really like them.
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