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3 month question - tummy time

Andrew still hates being on his tummy.  He gets about 10 minutes of tummytime a day.  Is this enough?  His head and neck are really strong and he's holding his up on his own now.  He spits up every time he's on his stomache, not to mention the crying.


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  • I think 10 minutes a day is great!  At some point you'll want to do it more, spread out over the day, but given his reaction I wouldn't increase that yet.  Hugs!
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  • DD didn't like tummy time much then either.  And she would always spit up, then dip her face in it.  But it got better. 

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  • henry hates tummy time too, so i started doing it right after every nap until he starts to cry. he's always in such a great mood when he wakes up, so i figure it's the best time :-)

    (then i feel guilty about ruining his good mood!)

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