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magic sleep suit question

For those who have it...is it worth it ghe $40? After our 3rd sleepless night we are thinking of ordering it. DS cannot transition out of his swaddle, we have tried for weeks, and he is rolling a lot. He flails his arms and wakes himself up all night.

Which size do we order? DS is in 3-6 m clothes, but he is long at 26", and some of his one piece things are getting small.

Thanks! And sorry for any typos...going on very little sleep!
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Re: magic sleep suit question

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    It looked really cute on her but it didn't work any magic for us. That said, I know it has worked for some people so may be worth the try!
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    I bought one when LO was about 3mo. It worked well for us for about 3 weeks. She then would wake herself up because she wanted to roll to her tummy and couldn't. I would say for those 3 weeks, it was worth it to get rid of the swaddle. It kept her hands away from her mouth so I could put her paci back in and she would knock it back out. She is now just sleeping in her pjs. Still waking about 2x a night but I call that a win for now.

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    We just started using it last night for the same reason - transitioning from swaddle. It didn't work any magic, she still woke up four times to eat (think we're experiencing the 4 month growth spurt as she's also been taking four hour naps at daycare). I did notice that she fell back asleep very quickly after eating; only 2-3 minutes of bouncing and didn't wake up when I put her down. Both things have been a source of frustration for me and DH recently. For me, it was worth the money since her wakeful times were only about 10-15 minutes long as opposed to 45 minutes in the past.
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    It's only for back sleepers???? Crap. Who wants to buy my unworn yellow 6-9 month size magic suit? :)

    My thoughts exactly! Ours is coming in Saturday, I had no idea it was only for back sleepers. Fuck. I have an unworn pink one if anyone wants it, let me know!

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    DD is 26 inches and still fits in her 3-6 month one!

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