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Stomach muscle pain when pressure applied?

Today whenever my belly bumps into anything, such as when it bumps into the sink when I do dishes, or when DS gives me a hug, I get shooting pains in the muscles in my belly.  The pain radiates around my belly starting where the 'bump' hit it. Same thing happened when I bent over to pick up something off the floor.  The pain usually only lasts about 30 seconds then fades away.
The most logical conclusion I have is that my muscles might just be in a stretching phase and so are a bit tender to touch.
Has anybody else ever had this? I don't recall having it with DS.
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Re: Stomach muscle pain when pressure applied?

  • I don't' remember having this with my first either, but I've had it a bunch this time around.  I think it has to do with where baby is resting at the time.  I think my LO is on a nerve or something and it sometimes hurts when something pushes on my stomach from the outside.  I think it's normal.
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  • Could be a fibroid.  That's what mine was.  Pain was very intense though.
  • I've been having muscle pain that feels a lot like bruising. But if I feel the spot I can feel the baby there and figure she is just pushing against that spot.

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