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1st Trimester

Never ending hangover

That's how this feels. Nauseas headache tired ... And want fatty bad carb food. And sleep.
I hope it passes before I gain a lot more weight.
At 7 weeks already 8 pounds up.

Re: Never ending hangover

  • Yep, sounds about right :( That is exactly how I remember it with DS, ugh!!! Not looking forward to that "all day sickness"


  • I'm in the same boat. It is miserable. I don't remember being this miserable with DD and got very lucky with Ds. I can't excited about anything - upcoming holidays, etc. Just miserable.
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  • This is exactly how I described it to my husband. At least with this kind of hangover feeling you usually had a pretty bad ass night before and not hit the sack at 8pm.
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  • I wish my husband knew what a hangover felt like so he could understand! He's a strict non-drinker.
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel this exact way as well. I feel like I eat all of the time to curb the nausea, and I want to eat bad food all the time on top of it!
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  • Other than the fatty foods I felt constantly hungover until week 38.5. I delivered @ 39w exactly.. Hang in there it's worth it.... Est what you want when you want.... Try to eat healthy for your LO but sometimes anything will do she you feel so awful.
  • Yep this is how I feel too :(. I hope it does go away but it probably won't. I even woke up last night in the middle of my sleep wanting to puke...
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  • Nothing sounds appetizing to me, but I always feel better after eating, It's just so hard to eat in the first place.  
  • This is what tipped me off last time around...I shouldn't still feel hungover 3 days after New Years.  Sure, I had a good time, but ugh.
  • Iam 6.5 weeks preggers with my 2nd. I get terrible migrAines where I am stuck in bed all day. I eat eat eat.. all I want is salty foods or bagels.I gained 25 pounds first pregnancy..not going to pull that off again lol I am also lazier then I ever been in my life!!!! Glad I'm not alone.
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    I just threw up again today after a good streak of two weeks. At 14 weeks I was hoping this would be gone by now ugh.

  • This thread makes me giggle!! I had to read the post to my husband.. It's EXACTLY what early pregnancy feels like!!! You made my night!
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