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Ikea Antilop high chair on sale thru 11/27

The Ikea Antilop high chair is on sale with the Ikea Family discount until November 27th. The price  of the chair with tray is $14.99 (regularly $24.99). Ikea Family is free to join.

We used the Antilop with DD and loved it. it was so easy to clean and didn't take up much space. I highly recommend it!

Re: Ikea Antilop high chair on sale thru 11/27

  • I bought one over the weekend.  There were some cute ideas on Pinterest for adding decals or sewing seat cushions. 
    I may attempt to make this.


  • The beauty of the high chair is the simplicity and ease of cleaning, that would end up in the wash all the time, I still don't use the padding for my 2 yo trip trap :)
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  • I bought 2 today for a total of $48 including shipping.  I'm selling the Fischer Price one that I hate as soon as they come! 
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  • We have this high chair and love it!
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