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Video baby monitor help!

Hey all! I know I want a video monitor opposed to sound only, as I'm a nanny for a 3 year old and am infant, and the video monitor is amazingly useful opposed to audio only. I need help in choosing one BECAUSE on Targets website (have tons of gift cards I want to use for the monitor) the "features" section on each monitor are not descriptive. My main concerns are.. A) being able to turn the video portion OFF at night so as not to have a light shining in my face at night, or also acceptable would be a sleep mode where the video comes on when the noise reaches a certain point. And B) the ability to turn the sound OFF.. And use only the video or lights on handheld parent unit. This feature is incredibly important to me, as I don't want to listen to every peep, whimper and grumble the baby makes while she's sleeping, or listen to her cry when she is learning to self soothe.
I have tried figuring out which monitors have these features basically by reading people's product reviews, but it's hit or miss. On one monitor, a person will comment that they love the ability to turn the sound off and use monitor only, then on the same product someone else will comment that a downfall of the product is not being able to turn the sound off. Ugh! Does anyone know of the current models on the market, specifically what's sold at target, have these two features? Thanks!

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  • You may find Amazon reviews helpful
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  • DH and I bought the Samsung BabyView from Target based on the recommendation from Baby Bargains. It has a sleep mode (which DH loves), a crisp picture, good battery life, and the sound can be turned off. We can't remotely adjust the camera, but I'm okay with that. Additional cameras can be purchased and used with the monitor once we have more kids. I know it got mixed reviews online, but we haven't had a single problem with it. The Samsung SafeView got the best recommendation from Baby Bargains, but it's only sold online at Target.

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    The 2.8 is perfect. I thought I wanted the 3.5, but I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money on it! I have the camera pointed at her crib and even if she wiggles all over I can still still her.
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